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Open access publication of "Locating Home in a Digital Age"

Just got notified by Taylor and Francis that my article was included in their Social Media Research collection, which explores digital media and internet technology from various perspectives. 74 more words

The Second Generation(1959-1963)

By early 1960,transistors and some other solid-state devices that were much smaller than vacuum tubes were being  used for much of the computers circuity.A transistor is an electronic switch that alternately allows or does not allow electronic signals to pass.Magnetic cores, which looked like very small metal washers of the main memory.Removable magnetic disk packs, stack of disk connected by a common spindle ,were introduced as storage devices. 16 more words


Fourth meeting of the Discussion Group for Children of Holocaust Survivors on Tues. Sept. 13

On Tues. Sept. 13, I will lead the next meeting of the Discussion Group for Children of Holocaust Survivors at the Y in Boro Park. This meeting, which will take place at 7:00pm Tuesday, September 13, will be the fourth in the series of monthly meetings.

Irit Felsen

#160-Rube Marquard, SP2

Inducted: 1971 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 16869

Why do left handed pitchers get special recognition as being left handed?  It’s somewhat confusing.  Is it because there are just more right handed people in the world, so it makes sense to single them out when they do something great?   432 more words


Men & Girls Dance – Successful risk-taking in participatory art

‘That’s a bad idea.’ It was months ago and I don’t remember now who told me about a proposed dance project involving men and girls, but I do remember my reaction: it just seemed like a really bad idea. 1,471 more words

A Restless Art

#166-Red Faber, SP2

Year Inducted: 1964 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 15901

The Black Sox were one of the worst things to ever happen to baseball.  When those players were banned, not only did people lose faith in the game, but the players that remained were probably never looked at the same again.   383 more words


#183- Eppa Rixey, SP2

Year Inducted: 1963 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 13926

In recent years, the word “narrative” has been used to explain some award choices by the BBWAA.  In 2012, Miguel Cabrera won the MVP over Mike Trout because there was a narrative with Cabrera regarding the Triple Crown (which hadn’t been done in 45 years), despite the fact that Trout was a better overall player (when defense and base running were taken into account), and the Angels actually had a better record than the Tigers (who made the post season by being in a terrible division).   560 more words