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Guest Blog Post: 'Going Home' by Susanna Brazauskas

I am delighted to host a guest blog post by Susanna Brazauskas, a second generation Lithuanian, whose parents both came to Britain on the European Volunteer Worker Schemes in 1946-47, and who later re-emigrated to Canada after the labour restrictions were lifted in 1951. 1,484 more words

Log 2.04 - Sister complex

[Note: The next day all townies who didn’t have a place to live had vanished. That of course included Jaclyn and Collin. The sadness! Anyway, the show must go on. 653 more words

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Log 2.03 - Dirty plates has feelings too?

Mom finally got a room built for Benny while we were at school. Like my room, it’s not done yet. But at least it’s better than a small bed in a cramped, childish room. 549 more words

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Log 2.02 - Sparkles and diamonds

The more I think about it, the more this legacy stuff intrigue me. Like, I found myself tending to my fathers dragons. He was really proud of those flowers, would be a shame to see them just wither away. 715 more words

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Log 2.01 - ELOL's and nakedness

It was surprising, and disturbing, to get my fathers notes. He actually hated children. Did he hate us? I know I weren’t on the best terms with the man. 431 more words

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Holiday Spectacular on the Isle Of Wight with Dickie Henderson Part 2

As the rain teems down outside, that can only mean one thing.  It’s Summer!  And where better to spend your evening than at the Holiday Spectacular on the Isle Of Wight with Dickie Henderson.  87 more words


FLIR, maker of standalone and accessory thermal imaging cameras, has officially released FLIR ONE for iOS ($250), the improved sequel to FLIR ONE for iPhone 5/5s… 212 more words

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