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Here Come the Girl Scouts!

March is Women’s History Month and to kick things off in second grade we’re reading Here Come the Girl Scouts by Shana Corey and illustrated by Hadley Hooper. 52 more words

Fox Hill Media Center

time is fleeting. are you paying attention?

I just filled out our contract for the next school year as it’s due to the school tomorrow.  My sweet girl will be in second grade.  1,066 more words

Uranus Minus Notes

The little boy I babysit for decided he is going to write a report on each of the planets. Thursday night, he decided to write about Uranus (Why he chose Uranus? 117 more words


Homophones: An ELL Nightmare

Last week, the second grade class I work with studied homophones for spelling words. Two-thirds of the class are ESL, and, as the title suggests, the fourteen homophones proved themselves challenging. 403 more words


It's All Coming Together..

I found some large, laminated pictures of coins in one of my classroom drawers on Friday! Super exciting because we’re starting a new math unit on Monday about money and time. 89 more words


Board Game Friday

English Class fourth grade pupils, along with first and second graders, played board games for an hour on Friday. They were placed in groups of four with a fourth grader taking responsibility as the group leader. 15 more words

Education In Pori, Finland

"It has a beaver-like tail for smashing its prey."

The third graders this week continued their study of adaptations. In small groups, students created nature art creatures that were adapted to particular environments. Examples include a sun dragon that is adapted to the desert, a large furry animal with a beaver like tail adapted to the arctic, and a snake like creature covered in grasses adapted to the grasslands.  177 more words