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Three Good Things

Flourishing is not about being blissfully happy all of the time. It is about being happy, satisfied, feeling involved and noticing the positives in what you do.  350 more words


Daily Affirmations with Finn

If you are on Facebook, you’ve probably seen this darling father-daughter morning affirmations video that’s making its way around the interwebs. If not, here it is:  286 more words

2nd grade painted paper

2nd graders are embarking on a landscape project that incorporates painted paper, collage, origami, and sewing. Last week they made painted paper with sponge textures. It was fun to see what patterns and designs each student came up with!

Second Grade

Drawing stars and triangles

Last week we did several really fun activities from the book A Collection of Math Lessons, A: Grades 1-3  by Marilyn Burns and Bonnie Tank.  Here is an account of one of them. 355 more words

2nd Grade Visits Ancient China

Mr. Donn’s Page!

A Quiz Game on Scholastic.  This link might only work on the teacher’s computer. If id doesn’t work, go on to the next activity. 47 more words


Why We're Dancing in Coding Club

Last school year, an AWESOME teacher was able to get a Computer Coding Club started at our school! It was so popular, that it’s back for this school year! 448 more words

Rania Matar in 2nd Grade

Rania Matar is a photographer from Lebanon. She likes to document the bedrooms of young girls, some from the U.S., some from the refugee camps in Lebanon. 77 more words