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The Second Great Awakening (Full Lecture)

Yesterday, my flu was still lingering, but it wasn’t incapacitating.  Still, if my lecture seems a bit off, blame in on the flu!!!  Or, the inadequacies of my brain. 30 more words

How Well Do We Know American Anglican History?

Particularly of the nineteenth century.

The evangelical wing of Anglicanism in the United States ceased to have any active influence by the end of that century. 339 more words


King's Survey: Reviving

In which we try to understand the logic of faith.

OK, kids, here we go: the SGA.

—What’s SGA stand for?

Funny you should ask, Jonah. 2,059 more words

Jim Cullen

The Second Great Awakening

In the 1810s and 1820s, Americans were drinking as much as seven gallons of alcohol per year per person, drinking at every meal. Daniel Walker Howe,  459 more words

Early Republic