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Writing and Babysitting

Depending on who I’m talking to, I’ll call myself a babysitter or a nanny. Technically the latter term is inaccurate, but it sounds a lot more professional than the former so I’ll use it when I’m emphasizing the fact that this is my primary source of income and it’s not just playing around with kids for a couple hours. 501 more words


Grab these 5 moments to work on your side hustle

The struggle can be oh so real for those trying to build a successful business around a full-time job. If you can never seem to find enough hours in the day to dedicate to your own enterprise, read the tips below. 396 more words

Weighing Importance

I’ve been doing a lot of adulting lately. Which, strangely enough, actually looks very similar to panicking: the increased heartbeat, the sweaty palms, the tears threatening to fall past your eyelids. 1,022 more words


The is no age limit

Fiona joined our business in July and is a single mum.

As she said at the time: ‘this business is going to give me the flexibility to fit around my kids and that can only be good.’ 244 more words


The Busy Girl Diaries: I've Been Right All Along

For a while, on this blog and elsewhere, I’ve been saying that my stressed-out, busy, hectic lifestyle was going to pay off. Usually, I mean that in the next 10 years I’ll experience some relative financial comfort and a steady job. 322 more words


Disney CEO Bob Iger Begins Second Job at Publix After Losing Hours at Work

Due to heavy hour constraints at Disney’s corporate offices in Burbank, Cal., CEO Bob Iger began working a part-time job as a grocery clerk at Publix to offset travel expenses between the company’s California and Florida sites. 418 more words


I'm Working 2 Jobs... Again

So its safe to say that I’m a bit of a workaholic. Maybe a little more than a little bit. So this whole 2 jobs comes as no surprise. 394 more words