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I have an interview for a 2nd job in about 6 hours (Good luck to me. No, seriously. I want this. I actually went out looking for this, and if I do get it, I will be extremely pleased, and if I don’t get it, I will be extremely disappointed, and if I do get it and later end up being stuck in transportation hell or juggling jobs hell or some other hell, I reserve the ability to be equally upset then, as I may be theoretically happy today, because wants and needs get confused when money, okay?), and I’ve been woken up by the cat scratching the hell out of the recliner cover for the 1,000th fucking time. 97 more words

School diary dates....... Second job may be required.

I went to my daughters ‘Meet the teacher’ after school event and was in undated with letters, it might have well have said

“Welcome to the new school term, I am your new school teacher… 249 more words


A New Day

I feel a little bit better about things, the car is still an issue, but I know I have some more time. I know now I will have to get a beater even though I was pre approved for a loan for a used car at 24% interest(my brother was flipping out). 688 more words


On a Roll

I feel like I’m a roll today….there’s not stopping this train!

After work yesterday I stopped a the new house to check out how the hardwood floor refinishing is going and it looks great! 263 more words

Tips For Stacking Your Retirement Plans

If you receive side income from a second job, now is the time to start adding to your retirement nest egg! Of course, this can get a bit tricky: based on the type of side work you perform, you need to evaluate which plan you need to open (if any) and how much money you can put into it. 231 more words

Tax Year 2014

We Did The Math

Well, I had an entire post planned. I was going to outline the drop in steel prices and oil prices from last year to this year. 131 more words


Will workers’ compensation cover income lost from my second job?

About 5% of the employed labour force in North America works more than one job concurrently.  In some jurisdictions, the prevalence is even higher.  Multiple jobholders in South Dakota accounted for 9.5% in 2012. 1,040 more words

Workers' Compensation