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Hidden costs of a second job or new business – is it worth it?

Q: My partner and I both work on contract; he’s an instructor at a local college and I have a massage therapy practice. I only work part-time and see clients at home so that I can look after our three kids when their dad is at work. 1,308 more words


Birthday. New Start?

Hello! It’s been a while!

I turned 28 years old yesterday. Yay! I had a wonderful weekend of drunk bowling with my friends at one of our favorite spots. 443 more words

November 15, 2017

We’re on the upswing, folks. My memory skills are back!

Do I apply for a second job now (housekeeping’s the only option), or wait until January? 158 more words


Froyo Shitstorm

Well, today was kind of a shitstorm.

An acquaintance of mine is opening a froyo place super close to my house, so she is doing a bunch of hiring. 949 more words

cinemIGNORANT series

I really enjoy being able to post reviews about the books, films, and TV shows I’ve been consuming recently. That being said, having started a second job, I find myself having less and less free time to dedicate to pop culture. 139 more words


3 Things I Wish I Did After Graduating College

I graduated college thinking I had it all handled because I already had a job in my field, putting me “way ahead” of my peers. I thought that now I could just focus on work and stop participating in extracurricular activities as I had before. 667 more words


Etsy as a second income: Cruising and beyond

I’m coming up on two years now of having my etsy store up and running and I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the numbers.   483 more words