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Back in retail and training management again

I have been very quiet for the last few months since being made redundant last july. It took me five weeks to secure employment, part time only, doing something completely different: hotel receptionist. 1,009 more words


Expense Overload

I’ve spent my last hour looking up ways to deal with my expenses overload. My expenses by far exceed my income since I’m on maternity leave and I need to figure it out or else my kids’ won’t get the best version of me for the next couple of months. 129 more words


If I Had Known You Were Going to Do That...

When I came in for work last Friday I saw Shelle, who said I would be running the spot. She said Brandon loves me and I could probably pick up some extra shifts, and just to let her know if I did. 396 more words

Second Job

Hidden costs of a second job or new business – is it worth it?

Q: My partner and I both work on contract; he’s an instructor at a local college and I have a massage therapy practice. I only work part-time and see clients at home so that I can look after our three kids when their dad is at work. 1,308 more words


Birthday. New Start?

Hello! It’s been a while!

I turned 28 years old yesterday. Yay! I had a wonderful weekend of drunk bowling with my friends at one of our favorite spots. 443 more words

November 15, 2017

We’re on the upswing, folks. My memory skills are back!

Do I apply for a second job now (housekeeping’s the only option), or wait until January? 158 more words


Froyo Shitstorm

Well, today was kind of a shitstorm.

An acquaintance of mine is opening a froyo place super close to my house, so she is doing a bunch of hiring. 949 more words