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The Distraction of Other Writing

Anyone following or occasionally checking in on this blog will know that I’ve been blogging according to a simple rule: post something every day. Four weeks in, this has not been so difficult because I’ve been writing for more than twenty years and I have a lot of previously written material (some published, some unpublished) from novels, to articles, to book reviews, to poems. 547 more words


Class Thoughts 2.28.15

First off – this is a good article. I remember the “modern” versus “contemporary” debate from my sophomore year of college, but it’s becoming more clear which is which. 964 more words


Today is Wednesday

I’ve been sent home from work early. Not for chucking shoes at people, just because it’s been so slow. I need more hours and I’m hoping very much to at least hear back from one of the four coffee shops I’ve applied to. 930 more words


Kids Say the Darndest Things

Little kids are naturally curious creatures. They have so much to learn and being a babysitter, I’m a wealth of knowledge to them. That being said, I have been asked thousands of questions at this point some ranging from practical to absolutely hilariously absurd. 391 more words

Post Grad

Second job vs family time

This is an age old question, and one that has crossed the mind of many a single parent. It can be difficult trying to run a household and ensure that your child gets everything they need, especially if you are a single parent and the only earning member of the family. 165 more words

Single Parents

Just Twenty Eight Days Remain - Don't Miss Out

February 2015

“It’s nearly impossible to get by on only
one pay cheque a month.
What are you doing for your
second pay cheque each month?”
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Combyne Group


Dylan and I are pretty good with our money. We don’t buy new cars, we have a budget and we pay with cash for a lot of things. 519 more words