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¿Cómo estoy?

I can’t believe how quickly these two months have flown by. And how has the time been, you ask? Well, it has been everything.

It has been eating complimentary cured meats, bread, often stale, hence complimentary, cheese, eggs, bacon and dodgy fish soups. 630 more words


Lessons from behind the scenes of ESL

ELL students are a unique challenge for many teachers. The older the student, the bigger the challenge it seems. Young students pick up a new language quickly the more they are immersed in the language. 392 more words

Teacher Quality Standards

Lifelong language learning

We breathe in our first language and swim in our second.

-Adam Gopnik

About 25% of non-Hispanic American adults speak a language other than English well enough to have a conversation.

597 more words

English & Maths as a Second Language

My experiences in studying English began very differently from the rest of the SWITCH bloggers (I assume) as English is my second language. I was taught the basics from a young age until I came to England in 2008, emigrating from Mexico City. 318 more words


Chronicles of L.I.V.E.S-Living In Very Entertaining Situations

I walk into a bank and request to open an account. I understand half of what the teller’s saying, partly because of the thick Spanish accent along with the lisp and the vocabulary words which are different than from what I’m used to. 262 more words


Why I Don’t Speak My Mother Tongue Fluently

Not all of us can speak our mother tongue. Just because we look a certain way doesn’t mean we speak or write a certain language. 1,596 more words


English as a Second Language and Materials for New English Speakers

English is a weird language. It borrows spelling, pronunciation, and sometimes whole words from other languages – some of which no longer exist. The rules apply unless they don’t, and then even the exceptions come with exceptions. 215 more words

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