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366 reasons to smile +335.

+335. Pretty much Me in a nutshell ;)


Reads:I don’t know how not so swear.  I want to say: “Oh, this is pretty”. I will say: “This is the nicest fucking piece of shit I’ve ever seen in my damn life!”


Bridging the Multicultural Divide: Why Caribbean Nationals NEED to learn a second language

By: Shanoy Coombs

As a Development Communication person, I tend to find communication lessons everywhere and a few weeks ago when I was among a group of students from the German-Jordanian University, it was no different.  986 more words


French or Spanish?

How useful is a second language in getting a better job? I speak four, but the other three are not very useful. Italian is spoken by Italians, Farsi by Iranians, and the other is spoken by still fewer people in a region of Iran. 438 more words

Don't translate but explain!-experience from an English Learner from China

It is common for a Chinese English teacher translate the word or sentence into Chinese. We learn English by reciting phrases and match them with Chinese words. 440 more words


FL vs. SL: What’s the deal with acronyms?

When one first enters the land of Polyglottia, and particularly if they venture into the forest of Linguistic Lollipops, one tends to find themselves confronted with a lot of acronyms and jargon that are unfamiliar.  1,622 more words


The language and bullshitness of 'a nearly unreadable paper'

Earlier today, the Retraction Watch mailing list highlighted a strange paper written by a V.M. Das disputing the widely accepted fact that our body clocks are regulated by the gene-level circadian rhythm. 605 more words

Psych Of Science

The Pressure is On

As a Native English speaker, I have some expectations to live up to. Some non-native speakers expect me to know everything. Thankfully, I do know a couple things thanks to my Secondary English Education Degree. 305 more words

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