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Learning French / L’apprentissage du français


Learning a second language is hard. A lot of fun, oftentimes hilarious, always fulfilling, but hard.

I’ve been living in France for almost… 940 more words


Language is Power

The human mind seems so incredible to me. When we are infants, people talk to us, and by the time we are six months old, we understand most of what they say. 375 more words


The Writing Begins


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Here you will find the different Paragraphs (Task 5) written by each of the students of Group 7 of the course Academic Writing from the UNAD Colombia.

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Should I enroll my child in an immersion program?

Dear Researcher,

I am looking for a school for our son. I have learned about a school that teaches kids foreign languages such as Spanish, French, and Mandarin at an early age. 485 more words

Spring 2018

Language Update

Happy Easter Sunday word fans!

It’s been a while huh? Things have been pretty hectic around here. I’ve spent the best part of the new year moving house from UK to Gran Canaria as well as keeping on track with my Open University degree in Language Studies. 493 more words

Foreign Language


Here begins my attempt to further my Chinese learning.  There came a point some months ago, where I realized that Chinese grammar was in fact getting in the way of my learning, and so I hope to organize the following posts around concepts, and hopefully there will be someone around to help correct what mistakes I make.  33 more words


Read With Me: Week 12. Notes and Comments

I have read this paper this week:

Miralpeix, I. & Munoz, C. (2018). Receptive vocabulary size and its relationship to EFL language skills. IRAL, 56(1): 1–24. 445 more words