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Prince Charming, A Frog and Cash - Rewind

I’ve been meaning to post the last translation of ‘Rana Rana Dame Lana’ submitted to me by Mani, as well as write what I was thinking, word for word; as this was my very first poem – composed by me – in Spanish. 332 more words


late night pancakes

it was a fairly hectic day of travel with flight cancellations and whatnots..

but it ended on such a nice note.


for the second time, i had the singing stewardess on my flight into göteborg. 222 more words


Describe it - no. 10

Describe your average day.

I put on the “Spanish in a click” CD and stand beside the stereo repeating phrases.  Soy australianaSoy profesora… 782 more words


My favourite colour is prostitute.

I actually expressed this to someone once. In front of other people. Without realising I had done it. Much to the extreme hilarity of the people I was conversing with — or, at least, attempting to converse with. 668 more words

Reaching a Milestone

I am finished. No, that sounds wrong. I am finished with my book. Does that mean I have thrown it out? I have finished my book invites the question: finished reading or finished writing? 446 more words


What it's like to learn Korean.

Guilty confession – My first year here I didn’t learn much Korean. By the end of the year I still knew essentially the same words/phrases I learned within weeks of arriving. 555 more words

Life is good

I was talking about love with my friend. A dialog between me and friends helped my decision. Girl is always right. I forfeit to say complain to my friends.   52 more words