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Butter: My Little Yellow Friend

I don’t speak Mandarin. I can (incorrectly) say a few things, but I don’t speak it. I also can’t read it. I can recognize a few words (pictures to me) in Chinese, but I don’t know what words they mean, just what they mean. 156 more words

My Progress in Japanese so Far

I’ve been studying Japanese for about five months now so I thought I’d give a little update on my progress. The first few months were really easy, as everything I learned was very basic and pretty much just an introduction to the language. 531 more words


On the Lack of Compassion in Teaching Non-Native English Speakers

I feel my depression acting up again, and I think my job is definitely to blame. I know it will sound pretentious of me to claim this, but I think I suffer greatly from being a person invested in my humanity on a staff that seems hell-bent on being half-dead. 1,281 more words

Higher Education Experience

Boost Your Career - Learn a Second Language

by Melany Hallam

Question: Y a-t-il des services d’emploi suffisant pour vous dans votre langue?

(Are there sufficient employment services available in your language?)

Yes / No / Somewhat… 624 more words

Powell River

4 Keys to Succeeding in a US College as an ESL Student

The United States has been a melting pot of cultures since it began more than 200 years ago. People have been coming to the US to find their fortune or to receive an education that may not be available in their own country. 545 more words


Protective Gel

Did you know that guardian angel is the words “protection” and “gel” in German?  It’s also the words “protect” and “angel”.   Two weeks ago I was genuinely confused! 99 more words

Old Money Essential: The Second Language

One of the characteristics often found in the Old Money culture is the presence of a second language. (Note my reluctance to use the term ‘foreign language.’) 304 more words