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Me no speak English... Repeat again please?

As an immigrant and talking with other immigrants, international students, and foreigners, we have discussed about how many times we could not understand English speakers for many reasons.  578 more words


Enceniame!...teach me!



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English Literacy

Learning Latin as a Second Language

I have posted a lot about the many struggles that Latin students may face when learning the language, even some of my own. Yet Latin also allows a second language leaner something that many other languages do not. 766 more words

Why I decided to write in English rather than my first language

This is my first post, and I decided to explain why I decided to write in English rather than my first language. People feel more comfortable talking and writing on their own language, of course. 351 more words


Struggling to get motivated? How to reach your language learning goals

Learning languages is my favourite thing in the world. As an ESL teacher and researcher, It’s my passion, my hobby and my livelihood.

My current project is Chinese: for those of you familiar with the… 206 more words




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