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ESPAÑOL REAL || Las Introducciones

Hola amigos!

¿Cómo están? Espero que todo esté bien :)

El video de la semana es sobre LAS INTRODUCCIONES y para una experiencia completamente en español, selecciona el video abajo. 400 more words


The Intermediate Francaphone: Self teaching techniques when you're past merci beaucoup,but not quite fluent.

After five semesters in college, and a total of a year and a half living in France, I am STILL no where close to fluent when it comes to French. 1,436 more words

Second Language Probs

As I’ve mentioned before, learning a language is really tough. You have to learn the grammar and vocabulary, memorize sentence structure, and get a grip on the different tenses (ugh)…that’s a lot. 432 more words


“Don’t Speak English, I”

Poem’s Dedication: I dedicate this poem to anyone who without knowing a language has had to speak it.

“Don’t Speak English, I”

by Luis Samuel González… 71 more words


Japan Memoir Part 4: What Can Be Bought

To me, going food shopping in another country is the best part of travel. I love novelty foods, and any given trip to my local grocery store will find me pulling down new flavors of chips and going “ooh, what’s this?” Away from home, I’m prone to exiting with my arms full of new foods, grinning as I rush to try them. 1,800 more words


7 Stages in Learning a Second Language

  1. Tell yourself it can’t be that difficult

All those other countries in Europe seem to know their own language and also be fluent in English…so how hard can it be… 204 more words


The "Listen and Repeat" Approach to Accent Training: Does it Work?

Quick and easy doesn’t exist in accent training, but it doesn’t stop people from trying to find a magic pill.   Many language learners end up in large group classes, in courses with trainers who don’t specialize in accent reduction, or in online programs.  332 more words