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Lost in Translation: Dialect/Language Problems I've Faced in Spain

This is a shorter post, but I wanted to talk about some of the problems I’ve had speaking the language in Spain. While I’ve been studying Spanish for years, speaking it isn’t easy for me. 515 more words

Study Abroad

Texting: A New Register or Style in the L2 Curriculum?

Bonnie Reimer

The blog is somewhat related to the interesting perspective Melissa brought to texting last week.  Since I have some slightly different issues and perspectives to share, I thought it would be better to post a new blog rather than comment. 635 more words

Issues that come up when learning a second language

  • You are back with your native language speakers and you answer them in a different language 
  • You eavesdrop because people assume you don’t speak their language and you really want to butt in their conversation but it would be rude…
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Quick Tips: Talk to Yourself!

External becomes internal; explicit becomes implicit. We internalize what is, at first, external.

That’s why, if we wish to develop the skill to think in Tibetan, first we must  51 more words


English For Spanish

I run reading groups.  Many of my Spanish friends would like to join in but they find it intimidating.  “What am I going to do with Shakespeare?” they ask.  930 more words

How (And Why) To Learn A Second Language As An Adult

I’m standing in a sales booth at a local craft fair pretending to examine the mixed media sculptures on display. A cacophony of noise surrounds me: live music from the stage up the block combined with beer vendors hawking their wares and dozens of conversations between artists and customers. 1,376 more words