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wired for language learning?

Our ability to learn a second language is only partially in our hands. Read this recent report to find out why.

Language Acquisition

Why We Are Learning Spanish as a Family

This summer, just before the kids wen back to school, we went on, what I can only describe as, a ‘proper’ Spanish holiday. I honestly didn’t think these existed anymore! 877 more words

Family Life

Mengadaptasi dialek kedua 'moderat keberatan jatuh tempo'

Mengambil di saat dialek singkat positif dapat mempengaruhi otak besar, terlepas dari kemungkinan bahwa itu diambil di masa dewasa, sebuah studi University of Edinburgh merekomendasikan. 406 more words

Bahasa Kedua

If you think learning another language is tough, try living in one! Language learning can be rough. But, if you can slog through the learning curve and embarrassing mistakes, the rewards are well worth the pain. 738 more words


Lost in Translation: Dialect/Language Problems I've Faced in Spain

This is a shorter post, but I wanted to talk about some of the problems I’ve had speaking the language in Spain. While I’ve been studying Spanish for years, speaking it isn’t easy for me. 515 more words

Study Abroad

Texting: A New Register or Style in the L2 Curriculum?

Bonnie Reimer

The blog is somewhat related to the interesting perspective Melissa brought to texting last week.  Since I have some slightly different issues and perspectives to share, I thought it would be better to post a new blog rather than comment. 635 more words