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Third language?!


So I finished school last Friday, and I’ve been working all week because I need money😂 I was meant to post a small birthday thing but I haven’t got round to doing it yet so maybe it will be up soon Idk… 193 more words


Taking advantage of the opportunity: language study at university

In a world in which English has become the lingua franca, knowing it is no longer an advantage. More and more, employers are looking for people who have great language skills are effective communicators in a second or third foreign language. 390 more words

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Learning a foreign language can be easy

Is there anyone who’s never dreamed of learning a foreign language? Of course, not – the ability to communicate with people from other countries, understand their way of thinking and culture can be not only fascinating, but also useful for both career and education. 960 more words

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Chinese is not that hard, especially for kids!

If you want to study Chinese, the last place to look for inspiration is on Google, a quick search for ‘World’s most difficult languages’ will leave you with the understanding that Chinese is not portrayed as a user-friendly language for a few reasons: 582 more words

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“难怪 & 怪不得” 2 ways to say “No Wonder!” in Mandarin

Below we look at how to say “No wonder” in Mandarin – essential language if you’re going to travel or live in China, a country with abundant with cultural quirks and surprises for its visitors. 414 more words

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Living with Broken English

As of June 6, 2017. It officially marks my 10th year living in Louisville, Kentucky; I was only 12 years old when I moved to America with my mother. 251 more words


When the phishers aren't even making an effort anymore...

Sometimes, the phishers aren’t even trying and they send you a really, really short email. I decided if they weren’t going to put any effort into our potential relationship, then I’d throw in the extra difficulty of a language barrier… 57 more words