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Teaching Young Kids a Second Language

Remember high school? In Catholic school you had to choose either Latin or Spanish. I thought, “What in the world could I do with Latin?”  I was fortunate to take both and of course now in retrospect Spanish turned out to be very useful. 324 more words

Gerald Gentemann

Weekly Update #1

So its been a pretty busy week at work, but i have still managed to get in around an hour a day of study. I have mainly been using Duolingo via their website (which i prefer) and their app, fluencia free trial and Busuu.com. 203 more words


The ROI of Learning English

Yesterday Acesse launched Rosetta Stone® Advanced English for Business for our member base. This new offering isn’t typically available to the public but it was important to share it with our Members. 593 more words

Small Business

July 2015 - The Journey Begins

So I am from England, lived there all my life and i moved to Illinois in the USA in 2008. Since moving around the states we have finally settled on Florida as our home. 118 more words


foreign language aquisition and autism

ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you: i’m very bad at speaking other languages. i took spanish in high school and german in college and can speak neither with any flare. 423 more words



Legend has it that at three years old, while my parents were speaking to each other in Tagalog, I came up to them and said, “I know what you’re saying.”  Then I proceeded to translate their conversation correctly. 291 more words