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In a Foreign Tongue

Have you ever spoken, thought, dreamed
In a foreign tongue?
Have you ever argued, wooed, loved
In a foreign tongue?

I tell you, it is a strange thing… 118 more words


How To Learn A Language Without Paying For A Course.

Language and I have had a funny old relationship.

The first time language and I met was when I was surrounded by family members who would all speak to each other in Welsh while I would sit there like a spare part having absolutely no idea what was going on. 1,419 more words


Parlez-vous français?

Have you heard about the Chattanooga School of Language? It’s a great place to take language lessons before a big trip or if you’re hoping to become fluent. 266 more words

Librarian Life

Link: Ontario Modern Language Teachers' Association

Ontario Modern Language Teachers’ Association is an organisation that provides resources for FSL teachers (no membership required). They have a newsletter published three times a year that “features practical strategies for the language classroom as well as articles about current trends in our profession. 55 more words


Link: L'Association canadienne des professeurs de langues secondes (Membership Required)

L’association canadienne des professeurs de langues secondes is an organisation that provides resources and support to ESL, FSL, and modern language teachers. A membership is required to benefit from the association. 11 more words


Language Acquisition #4: Time To Learn Katakana

Konnichiwa!    Yoroshika onegai shimasu.

I haven’t made a whole lot of progress as far as my vocabulary.  However, I am happy to report that I am hearing a lot more of the sounds that make up Japanese words so it doesn’t always sounds like a long string of nonsense. 169 more words