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Una Casa Felíz (A Happy House)

Thoughts from the editor, Kristen A. Hammer:

When my Guatemala-born twin sister and I were little, our family often had visitors to our Stateside home, and some of our very favorites were our Guatemalan friends. 262 more words


20 Reasons to be a Proud ESL Student + 5 Tips for Speaking English With Confidence

Be proud of learning a second language!

20 Reasons to be Proud of Being an ESL Student

  1. You can dream in multiple languages.
  2. You know more about English grammar than most native speakers know.
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Changing One Life at a Time Through the Power of Communication: A Testimonial from an Eleven Year Old Beginner

For inquiries about English language tutoring during the upcoming school year in September please contact:


Have a great summer vacation.


On Advantages of English Speakers

There are many benefits of English being your first or second language, even though it’s not the most commonly spoken language in the world.

Native fluency of English in Europe is especially useful because when a Spaniard and a Lithuanian who can’t understand each other’s language communicate, the language of choice is almost always English, even if each of them know multiple languages, because English is usually the… 500 more words


German or Bust

When I decided to do my Master’s degree in Germany, I told myself that while I’d be happy to do my coursework in German, my one condition was that I’d write my thesis in English. 681 more words

Why adult learners have strong accents - and how to reduce yours.

“In investigating the child’s brain, we may be able to help keep our own minds open to learning for our entire lives”

Here at Lirean, we know a thing or two about silly pronunciation mistakes.

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Join The "C.H.I.M.E BIZ" TEAM!! (Cultural History Immersion Modeling in Entrepreneurship, Entertainment And Educational Endeavors)

Adults Join The “C.H.I.M.E BIZ” TEAM!! (Cultural History Immersion Modeling in Entrepreneurship, Entertainment & Educational Endeavors). Support youth violence prevention and intervention!! See how when we show youth how to strategically redirect their energy into areas where they learn to prosper spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and financially they have NO TIME FOR VIOLENCE OR HATERISM!! 150 more words

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