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Let Antreas Alter light up your Christmas

I don’t quite remember what took me to REAL Christmas lights decoration store but it was so different from going to any other inworld store. That place, literally, is magic…a fun experience. 190 more words


One of those crazy posts from Inworld Employment

And here’s why I call it crazy: https://www.facebook.com/help/112146705538576/ 

People with Facebook profiles dedicated to their Second Life selves/avatars should read the last point on that page if they aren’t aware of it yet – 35 more words


What's wrong with Inworld Employment

Second Life’s Inworld Employment is definitely a funny place. You will find a number of clubs and brands promoting themselves in the name of seeking staffs but a person or a group of people looking for work usually get reported within hours if they happen to have a common name (a music band looking for gigs or a marketing agency looking for clients) and a link to their site in the forum post where information about their services and experiences are detailed. 371 more words


What amount of people's donations does Feed a Smile spend on Kenyan kids?

Live and Learn in Kenya‘s founder Brique Zeiner replies:

As Live and Learn in Kenya Int’l is a relatively small organization doing big things, we have a very good oversight of exactly what is going on and how donations are being used for our 465 – 480 children.

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What designers earn by sponsoring events in Second Life

So, for a designer or creator, what are the advantages of participating in a shopping event in Second Life?

It depends on the event organizers. A popular event that takes place every month or bi-monthly for a couple of years can fetch a well-known designer quite a lot of money.

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SL will one day be a relic of days past, says Dr. Rashid Kashani

Rheumatoid Arthritis Joint Protection Education Display is now a completed PhD project, open to everyone, that is aimed at instructing individuals how to correctly deal with Rheumatoid Arthritis. 586 more words


Do you want to look like your avatar in real life?

Just a few days ago, I asked a number of strangers in Second Life the very question. So many people invest quite a considerable amount of time, money, and emotions in their respective avatars. 176 more words