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One time. One night.

A second line. A commercial one. In the French Quarter.

In theory, I’m going to walk out the door and photograph a real second line tonight, Uptown to memorialize Tee-Eva. 194 more words

Ray Laskowitz

The Archive Series

As you all know, I’m working through some relevance issues.

A good friend of mine and another colleague were talking to me about it. My colleague is going through the same thing, except that he may have a destination when he works through this. 579 more words

Ray Laskowitz

Giving Us a Hard Time: Little Feat, "Fat Man In The Bathtub" (1973)

OK, I mean this in a male sexual way: our hero in “Fat Man In The Bathtub,” Spotcheck Billy, is having a HARD TIME getting sex with Juanita. 912 more words

Rock Aesthetics

New Orleans Ladies...and Gentlemen...and Everybody In-Between!

Something unexpected happened during the second half of my week in New Orleans.  Well, to be honest, a lot of unexpected things happened, but mostly because of this one thing.  706 more words

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2018 Playlist - Weekend 2

The last weekend of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is upon us. Initially, the forecast called for TERRIBLE weather, but as of now the possibility of rain has decreased from 80% to 20% and I’m glad about it! 245 more words


CTC Original Steppers

You know this already. The tuba starts it.

When you hear the tuba start playing bottom notes you know the second line is about to start. 320 more words

Ray Laskowitz

Where I Work

This is where I work. On the street. When I photograph second lines.

As you all know, I like to work close with wide lenses. I think wideness not only propels the subject into the foreground, but they also help with context by setting the scene.  471 more words

Ray Laskowitz