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Ladies of Unity. Day Two.

Ladies of Unity. Day Two.

As promised. I generally try to do what I say that I’m going to do. This also means that I have no idea what I’m going to post for the next couple of days. 367 more words

Ray Laskowitz

Ladies of Unity Second Line

Sunday. The Ladies of Unity second line.

Their tenth anniversary. That means they began just as Katrina recovery was just starting. Ten is sort of a big number normally. 557 more words

Ray Laskowitz

 second line blues

bring out your dead

ring out your dead

come down to the river and muddy your feet and sing out your dead with me.

croon blue for their passing… 45 more words

It Begins

On the edges.

Y’all know that I like to nibble around the edges of an event. Especially second line parades. I think that’s where some of the best pictures are found. 169 more words

Ray Laskowitz

This. And, this alone.

This. And, only this.

I awoke today with just about everything that can beep or buzz, beeping or buzzing. David Bowie left the planet. It’s the big, trending topic on just about all social media. 331 more words

Ray Laskowitz

Second Line, New Orleans

I looked at Ray’s post, I looked at mine. Hmmmm…..☺

He knows the backstory, I don’t ‘cept what he told me. Thank you, Ray.

Two photos. Well….OK, three.