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How second love is better than first love ?

Who gives a damn about first love?

Give a big round of applause for your second love because they taught you that love still exists after you thought it never could again. 671 more words


If We Were Vampires

“If we were vampires and death was a joke
We’d go out on the sidewalk and smoke
Laugh at all the lovers and their plans…
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Dear Reader... Love is better the second time around

Dear Reader,

In today’s society, there is so much emphasis on a person’s first love. In the movies, boy meets girl, they fell in love and they live happily ever after. 638 more words



அவள் அழகை பாட

ஒரு மொழியில்லையே

அளந்து பார்க்க பல

விழி இல்லையே

என்னை இருந்தப்போதும்

அவள் எனதில்லையே

மறந்துபோ என் மனமே….
தன் ஹெட்செட்டில் ஒலிக்கும் பாடலின் வரிகளோடு ஒனறியவனாய் தனது ஜாக்கிஙை தொடர்ந்தான் விஷ்வா.

Second Love

Take A Look At Your Last Love Before You Try Your Next

Learning to love again is a process. Learning to forgive yourself takes time. That’s why sometimes that next love doesn’t always feel like you’re falling, like all the others did. 405 more words

Why You Should Wait For Your Second Love

First loves always gets the credit. They’re always the love that never dies. They’re always the love that teaches all the firsts. But for me, that’s not always the case. 592 more words

Participating in the central mystery

… Now this quality of being unknown is what we have sometimes called the quality of mystery. And it is mystery which characterizes as best as we have been able to discern, the One Creator in its undistorted self. 311 more words