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Pregnancy Week 16: Hello, Heartburn

Happy Week 16, me!

Baby stats:

Baby is the size of a… dill pickle, avocado, small gerbil, action figure.

Baby is now covered in lanugo, 596 more words


differences between my first & second pregnancies

A lot of moms are more easygoing during their second pregnancies, but I was pretty laid-back the first time around. I didn’t follow any rules about what I shouldn’t eat, drink, or do. 541 more words


A Second Pregnancy: The Good and The Bad

The pregnancy test is sitting on our bathroom counter and although I try to ignore it while it is ‘thinking’, I cannot help but stare at the screen in anticipation. 548 more words


Second Pregnancy Bump (and Labor) Comparison, Part 4

Ahh pregnancy weeks 37 and beyond, a full term baby bump!  I had to wait to do this final post because I needed to know how long my little guy would be staying before I could finish the first and second pregnancy bump comparisons, and boy did he surprise us!  969 more words


To my Firstborn

Dearest Braxton,

In just a few weeks, you will no longer be an only child. It’s sure to be a transition for you, your father and I, so I can’t help but worry a bit.  499 more words


Video- Pregnancy Tests & Sharing the News With the Husband!

Being pregnant with baby #2 has given me the strongest urge to document more things! I now know just how fast time goes, and I cherish looking back on photos & videos so much. 116 more words


Baking Baby #2

It has been a super roller coaster ride from week 1 to week 36. There has been relatively different experience compared to baby #1. From the nauseating effect to puking my tongue out, it was indeed not easy. 235 more words