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Why pregnancy is a whole new story the second time around.

It’s not exactly the” been there done that” that comes to mind at all. This second pregnancy is definately on a whole new level compared to my first. 660 more words


Coming Soon!

Okay, I am sorry.
This blog has been inactive for a very long time. I apologize for all of those who subscribed..

Well, the thing is, I am pregnant again. 145 more words


Saatnya Program Kehamilan..


Setelah kehamilan pertama yang diiringi dengan banyak drama karena kehamilan aku dinyatakan BO atau Blighted Ovum. Kami sepasang sejoli ini ga patah semangat ha ha ha. 389 more words


Pregnancy whiplash

Pregnancy is weird: It swings you from one extreme to the other fast enough to give you whiplash.

Take yesterday. I had just put Peeper down for a nap when I was overcome with energy and inspiration—a rare combo for this nearly 40-week-pregnant lady. 531 more words

18 Weeks

How far along: 18 weeks 1 day

Gender: BOY!

Weight gain: 1 lbs still

Sleep: I  still toss and turn all night which keeps me up. 191 more words

That Feeling When . . . You're Pregnant Again!

Yeah, so you know how I wrote that I was all angry at Mother Nature for making me think I was pregnant when I wasn’t? Turns out I was pregnant when I wrote that. 432 more words


How Pregnancy is Different the Second Time Round...

So baby number two is on the way, and while it’s not that long since I was pregnant with my first, there is much of pregnancy that is feeling new or like a long-forgotten dream. 1,098 more words