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Anxious second time expecting mum

I always mention in most of my posts. Time flies. I still remember the day when z was born. Now she is 15 months walking and talking. 298 more words

Change: the ultimate sneaker-upper

Oh January. How full of hope you begin and how drunk and belligerent you end.

January brings change, no matter what anyone wants. Because we’ve all got to start writing a ‘7’ instead of a ‘6’ now which is a challenge that will stay with us until about November this year and just when we finally write it automatically it’ll be January again and we’ll be drunk and belligerent that we’re still in the same damn job and we’ll still be writing ‘7’ instead of an ‘8’ well into November again. 1,512 more words

Glucose Test - FAIL (2017 Edition)

Happy New Year!  Ready for my resolution?

(1)  Do not get pregnant again.  Ever.

I know what you are thinking.  She’s being dramatic.  Or the ever popular:  1,384 more words


Breastfeeding: It's Complicated

That’s how I would summarize my previous experience with breastfeeding.

Before having my first child, I envisioned myself being one of those women who breastfed throughout maternity leave, dutifully pumped at work, and kept up the routine as long as I could. 797 more words


Week 37: Endings

Last year, I began the year on an ending.

I woke up empty. Finally.

On New Year’s Eve, I had a D & C to put an end to the miscarriage that my body wouldn’t let go.  769 more words


Postpartum 101

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I read every birth story I could find. I never once thought about what happens after.

I was completely unprepared and NO ONE explained to me what I was going to go through after I delivered my baby. 1,615 more words


Baby Hillin #2 | 19 Weeks

How Far Along: 19 Weeks

Baby is the size of a(n): mango.. or according to the Ovia app, a game boy.

Gender: It’s a Boy! 588 more words