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The Second Time Around

Most of you already know, but I am officially announcing that mid March we will be welcoming a little bundle of screaming joy into our family. 708 more words

Thoughts On Life

Let's talk siblings.

The perfect age gap. What is it?

Trying to decide the right time to have a second baby is an overwhelmingly harder decision (for me) than the choice to have a first. 500 more words

First Time Mom

Labor and Delivery: Round Two

If you have been following our blog then you know by now that Claire is expecting her second child early next year. She has been hard at work trying to figure out the… 1,231 more words


Exercising While Pregnant

Throughout my pregnancy, I have been exercising. Most recently, I have experimented with doing yoga. I have always wanted to try yoga but never really got the chance to do so. 173 more words

Second Pregnancy

´╗┐Beyond the Bump

The one thing that I absolutely love about being pregnant, besides growing ten fingers and ten toes is the way I look (clothed of course). I’m much more confident with my body pregnant then when I’m not pregnant. 573 more words

Epilepsy While Pregnant

On August 11th, I finally got my wisdom tooth taken out. My dentist has been putting it off due to the fact that they were afraid that I would have a seizure. 571 more words

Second Pregnancy

Video Of Crystiana Moving

I finally recorded a video of Crissy moving in my belly. The video is shown below. It was originally taken on September 9th. It was such an amazing feeling to experience her move in my stomach. I LOVED IT!!!!

Second Pregnancy