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There Is No Pregnancy Like Your First

First Pregnancy VS. Second.

When I was pregnant with Addison someone once told me “enjoy every second of your first pregnancy— you will never have another pregnancy like your first.” 621 more words


The second time is sweeter

Oh the second baby. After the ravage of childbirth, the year of ‘firsts’, surviving sleep deprivation, and finally getting the hang of it, along comes the desire to have another baby. 286 more words


Pregnancy Update

Di tulisan pertama blog ini, saya menyinggung kepingin hamil ini lebih “sadar” dan waras, maksudnya menikmati dengan sepenuh hati, enggak kayak zaman hamil anak pertama dulu di mana pas awal-awal hamil males ampun-ampunan mulai dari bangun pagi, shalat dan ibadah-ibadah lain, kerjaan rumah, dll dsb. 480 more words


We're Expecting, Again!

Hey-yo! Yes, you read the title right. We’re expecting!

First trimester – Check.

Second trimester – 80% check.

Third trimester – See you very soon! 1,238 more words


Gestational Diabetes

2 Weeks ago I completed the dreaded GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test), I didn’t come even close with my first pregnancy so I thought I’d be in the clear again. 790 more words

Pregnancy Guilt..

You go to your local pharmacy, turn down the 3rd aisle grab a box from the top shelf and head home… You have your doubts. 772 more words

Second baby late announcement... oops !! She's already 7 months old ...

On July 28 2017, we had a beautiful baby girl .. We named her noor ul ain.  Her birth weight was 3.5 kg and she was born on Friday 12.40am. 217 more words