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That Feeling When . . . You're Pregnant Again!

Yeah, so you know how I wrote that I was all angry at Mother Nature for making me think I was pregnant when I wasn’t? Turns out I was pregnant when I wrote that. 432 more words


How Pregnancy is Different the Second Time Round...

So baby number two is on the way, and while it’s not that long since I was pregnant with my first, there is much of pregnancy that is feeling new or like a long-forgotten dream. 1,098 more words


How I'm preparing for childbirth

“Mama has a big big big big belly!” Peeper shouted the other morning as I went to lift her out of the crib. In fact, that was the very first thing out of her mouth. 807 more words

16 Weeks/Gender Reveal

Last weekend we found out the gender of our new baby! Its a… BOY!

We both thought it was a girl so we were a little taken aback but not really surprised. 259 more words

My miscarriage mattered. All miscarriages matter.

Preparing for baby

Statistically, I was “due” for a miscarriage. It happens to one in four women in Australia. But after three healthy, complication-free pregnancies, I never considered miscarriage to be a real threat. 1,140 more words


Full-Time Mommy

Hello, guess what… I am now a Full-time Mommy! Monday was my last day at work. I feel very grateful for having the opportunity to work for such a great company. 293 more words

The Sweetest Thing

Angel Baby discovered a new toy:  the padding of a bassinet.  I had gotten it out in my great search of all the baby stuff I had put away as she outgrew each thing. 138 more words

Angel Baby