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Second Pregnancy Bump Comparison, Part 1

Second pregnancies are so different than first pregnancies.  With the first one, I had so much free time to obsess over being pregnant and expecting a new baby.  1,054 more words


Eight Lesser Known Facts About Pregnancy - According To Me!

Yep. We all know that pregnancy is a “beautiful time” in a woman’s life. The growing baby within you. The feeling of being completely at one with nature. 921 more words


True Confessions: I Don't Know How to Use a Toilet

The first thing I learned when we arrived in Japan was that the toilet situation was going to be a little bit different from what we were used to. 714 more words


New Year, New Ramble

I know I said I’ll update you and here I am. FINALLY! About 6 weeks after my last post, I experienced an ectopic pregnancy that kept me in the hospital Labor Day weekend. 673 more words

Birth Plan For My Second Child

When I gave birth to Mason I had an “all natural” birth; no pain medication, no preservatives. I remember internally congratulating myself as the nurses cooed over how well I handled contractions – whispering amongst themselves “I’ve never seen a first time mother do so well. 540 more words

The Birth of My Little Big Man

It feels like it has been EONS since I was pregnant and I feel like my memory of all the drama that goes into having a baby has faded a bit, but I’m going to do my best to recollect. 1,068 more words

New Baby

33 Weeks and 4 Days

After I showered this morning, I looked down and thought the following things:

(1)  Shit, I should really shave my legs soon.  This will be embarrassing if I go into labor. 488 more words