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Things Are Getting Exciting

So after a roller coaster of a year with being really ill, having surgery, falling pregnant, having a miscarriage, going to events, being offered a job and more events we have found out we are expecting again! 443 more words


Day and Night

If my first experience with Misoprostol was an 8 (LG’s rating) on a scale of 1 to the worst thing ever, he would rate what happened yesterday as a 4. 538 more words


Baby Hillin #2 | Gender Reveal

We found out that the weather forecast here in Texas for this weekend was probably the worst weather we’ve had all year, intensely cold and thunder storming, so we moved the gender reveal up to this evening! 172 more words


Week 32: On the Feeling of Splitting Open

Every two weeks for the past six weeks, I have a moment of panic at the end of the day.

Under the increasing growth and pressure of this baby, I feel like my belly is on the cusp of splitting wide open. 586 more words


Freak Out

Queued post about my second pregnancy.

Just a bit more than 48 hours after our BFP, I totally freaked out. Major meltdown. Plenty of hysterics. 415 more words



Queued post about my second pregnancy.

It’s been just over 24 hours since we saw my positive pregnancy tests, and I don’t know how to feel. 422 more words


Pregnancy Journals 2.0: #3

How far along? 34 weeks, 2 days. Due December 29th 2016.

Total weight gain/measurements: too much, but it’s been stressful in my life and well chocolate… the bump (fundal height) is still measuring right on track though. 524 more words