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37 Weeks, 3 Days & My OB Check

How far along: 37 Weeks, 3 Days! Holy crap. I’m about 2.5 weeks from my due date. How is that even possible? I know I say this every SINGLE week, but time is seriously flying. 917 more words


Getting My Nest On

My to do list seems to keep growing. In my little pregnancy app, my weekly activity a few weeks back was packing my hospital bag. So, last week, I decided it was time to start. 181 more words

Second Pregnancy

How many Doctor visits do Pregnant Mamas really need?

I was expecting my second child in 2015, I gave birth summer 2015. One of the first things I noticed is the difference in both pregnancies. 586 more words

Pregnancy & Postpartum


I haven’t posted an update in a while on all the peanuts so here we go!

On Monday I went to the doctor for my routine non-stress test, ultrasound and appointment. 371 more words

Second Pregnancy

36 Weeks, 3 Days

How far along: 36 Weeks, 3 Days! Well sheesh! I’m over 9 months pregnant… To say that this milestone has hit hard would be an understatement. 841 more words

Baby Bump

The 2nd Pregnancy

I still remember clearly every second of my birthing experience with our first child. It’s really a life-changing experience. The thrill of having our second baby is beyond words as our first but this time there are more considerations while preparing for the coming of our 2nd child. 1,007 more words


The Second Time Around

Since my last post I have announced our exciting news that we are pregnant! Hubby and I have always wanted a sibling for Jack and are so happy to be expecting an addition to our mad family (maybe this one will be sane). 758 more words

15 Weeks Pregnant