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Always be my babies ...

Its been quite an adjustment since we brought Amelie home … the big sis cried 2 nights in a row wanting to sleep with me and one night after I left her bedroom she shouted mama and baby … 67 more words


Five Things that are different during Second Pregnancy.

Having two year old beautiful daughter is a God’s blessing. And when you find out that you are expecting another bundle of joy just around the time of the Birthday of the first one you start to think that God is truly looking after you. 628 more words


Our baby must haves

With so many baby products on the market it’s easy to get drawn into all the clever advertising but what do you really need? And what is a waste of money? 379 more words


How Different Will Your Second Pregnancy Be From the First?

Are you expecting again? You must be happy, right! But it also might bring various concerns to mind. Since each pregnancy is different from the other, there is no method to predict what this pregnancy will be like. 327 more words


From the hospital bed

I’m 26 weeks today and my scan showed a shorter cervix again to 7mm with funnelling.

This means I’m at serious risk of pre term labour and they want me to be in the right place should my baby boy decide to make an appearance. 552 more words


31 Week Update

This pregnancy has absolutely flown by, but at the same time it feels like I have an eternity to go. I truly love being pregnant. Each time has been sweet, sanctifying, hard, beautiful… but the honor of carrying my children and being the one to know them so intimately for the better part of a year before having to share them with the rest of the world is unspeakable joy. 322 more words


Easier or harder? Life as a mom of two

Baby 2 is 9 days old and we’re deep in newborn territory. During my entire pregnancy, I found myself comparing Baby 1 and Baby 2, and of course, I continue to do so. 1,415 more words

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