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Feminist Waves Don't Die

As a Gender and Women’s Studies triple major, I am often a feminist killjoy in a sea of even more radical and angry feminist killjoys. I love this sea and relish the talk of feminism, intersectionality, and gender. 720 more words


Lovesick re-released!

My memoir, Lovesick, came out in 2011 to popular acclaim. I decided to re-release the book and give it a new lease of life after a friend and high school teacher told me he thought it should be much more widely read. 328 more words

Your Handy-Dandy Map to the Feminist Movement

“To discuss feminist theory, you first need to be able to visualize a roadmap of what the fuck feminism is.” Carmen takes us on a crash course on First, Second, Third- and now Fourth-wave feminism. 1,401 more words

The Waves of Feminism - Constance Singam

Constance Singam takes us on a trip through history, as she explains First Wave Feminism (late 1800s to early 1900s) and Second Wave Feminism (1960s to 1980s), not just in the West but also its manifestations in Asia.  583 more words

Thoughts From Before the Election

Before I morphed my “cars and stereo equipment” blog into a Chronicle of Doom, I used to bother the sh*t out of my friends with lengthy emails. 988 more words

Mostly Politics

The Personal Is Political

“The moment when a feeling enters the body / is political.” —Adrienne Rich, “The Ghazals”

“How difficult is it for one body to feel the injustice wheeled at another?” —Claudia Rankine, from… 1,041 more words


Fourth Wave Feminism

The beginning of first wave feminism began, what seems like, a millennia ago. Delaney (2014) marks the beginning of first wave feminism somewhere back in the 1830s and 40s when the abolitionist movements were beginning to gain momentum. 1,020 more words