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Feminism: Capitalism's Handmaiden?

Margaret Atwood’s classic novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, remains one of my favorite literary work I have ever read. Wikipedia offers a decent overview of the premises of the novel. 813 more words


Second Wave Feminism and the Results Today

The Second Wave Feminism movement of the 1960s and 70s created many results that the modern world today still experience. But what exactly happened to make even the smallest of topics they mentioned still feel so modern and what ways are now obsolete? 2,037 more words

College Student

Witchy woman see how high she flies -- up the corporate ladder

Hey Mrs. Weasley, ever heard of “The Feminine Mystique”? No I did not say mystic — mystique — that’s right.

Girl, you need second-wave feminism like whoa. 253 more words

Remembering: Linda Nochlin (1936-2017)

By Charlotte Lee

The statement that “there have been no supremely great women artists” is, admittedly, an unexpected basis for the most influential feminist essay in art history. 179 more words


Memo #1

I find it ironic when rad-leaning or radical feminists are so hell bent to proving that their ideology is The Best and The Right One that there is no room for debate anymore and just swallow everything that’s fed on them. 141 more words


Feminism is a concept and movement has it’s roots in the late 19th century. By its most basic definition in the dictionary, it’s described as the “advocacy of women’s right on the basis of the equality of the sexes.” 724 more words


Episode 185: They’re Calling Beyonce a Terrorist

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