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The Personal Is Political

“The moment when a feeling enters the body / is political.” —Adrienne Rich, “The Ghazals”

“How difficult is it for one body to feel the injustice wheeled at another?” —Claudia Rankine, from… 1,041 more words


Fourth Wave Feminism

The beginning of first wave feminism began, what seems like, a millennia ago. Delaney (2014) marks the beginning of first wave feminism somewhere back in the 1830s and 40s when the abolitionist movements were beginning to gain momentum. 1,020 more words


Nonowrimo: Day 2

(Image: Penguin Books)

Betty Friedan wrote The Feminine Mystique in 1963, three years after I was born. The Second Wave of Feminism she helped launch was already under way as my mind was also beginning to take shape. 153 more words


Trumping a Symptom

Growing up in an era considered to be “second-wave feminism,” the “f-word” brought about empowerment and divisiveness, as social change will.  Gloria Steinem as a feminist activist, was getting her foothold in the consciousness of American culture, 1,050 more words


The Man of the Crowd must be a rapist

Donald J Trump now stands convicted of sexual assault and, almost as horrid, bad taste. https://clarespark.com/2014/12/18/rape-culture/.

Ask any “moderate” Republicans (i.e., closet social democrats), and they will tell you that they knew it all along. 170 more words

Hillary Clinton

Pseudo-feminism and the Alicia Machado flap

This blog is about the political debate following Hillary Clinton’s criticism of Donald Trump’s alleged sexism at the tail end of the first debate. What is at stake here? 363 more words

Hillary Clinton

2016 Feminism: A Panel Conversation

When: Wednesday, October 5, 7PM
Where: Pike Place Market Atrium Loft, 1433 1st Ave
Cost: $10; buy tickets here

Boomers. Gen Xers. Millennials.

Each generation of feminists has set the stage for the next; breaking down barriers and paving new paths. 62 more words