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Quote of the Week - from Good Girls Revolt by Lynn Povich

Jessica, Jesse, and Sarah, and many young women like them, are beginning to understand that legal principles are not the only impediment to power. They see that the rhetoric they were taught—and believed—does not fully exist in the real world; that women still don’t have equal rights and equal opportunities; that cultural transformation is harder than legal reform; and that feminism isn’t finished.

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Nick Offerman Saves the Day in a Thrilling New "Fargo"

After five episodes of ceaseless dreariness, Fargo needed a little Ron Swanson magic. While Nick Offerman’s Karl Weathers is pretty different from his lovable Parks and Rec… 561 more words


Craven Images

I’ve been slowly working my way through Wes Craven’s oeuvre of films because I thought he would be a good example to teach with of a horror auteur. 851 more words


Like Mad Men, but funnier

Well, who’s dat gorgeous girl?

It’s Zoe Kazan!

I was so dazzled by her in the film Ruby Sparks. And now big news were revealed: She will be the lead actress in a… 54 more words


Finding Claudia Jones

When I retired from academic life I turned my attention from the Middle Ages to the 1950s, leaping over several centuries in a single bound. It was an uncomfortably long leap in lots of ways, but I was intrigued by the decade of my youth. 1,421 more words


Beyond the Mystique: Domesticity and the Proverbs 31 Woman

She has dinner ready by six o’clock. The steam from roast chicken with carrots and mashed potatoes dances under the nostrils. Lamps and end tables are free of dust and clutter, kitchen countertops are shiny and slick, the sink is empty; not a hair is out of place on this woman’s head, and her lipstick perfectly kisses her wide smiling lips. 228 more words

Biblical Thinking

On heroism, gender, and Patti Smith

Long ago, during college, I considered myself a feminist, and a good one too. But my academically-minded roommate challenged me to list my female heroes. 1,087 more words