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How to Write a Sunfire Heroine

Start with a name. If we were making any overtures toward historical authenticity, this series would be chock-full of Marys and Janes and Annes—but don’t worry about historical authenticity. 881 more words

Dear Governor Bryant-Stop Pining For An America That Never Was

I wrote this when Phil Bryant made these comments in 2013 now in 2015 as he is adamantly refusing to fully fund education in Mississippi the video that prompted this letter is making the rounds on social media again. 805 more words


“The State Does Not Belong in the Uterus of the Nation”

Shannon Stettner

On Saturday, May 9, 1970, following a rally on Canada’s Parliament Hill, between 150 and 300 protesters marched to Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau… 1,516 more words

History Of Sexuality

Review: I Gave At The Office

First of all, let me say here and now that I am behind the Network on this, and I do mean totally.  I have been a Network man for twelve years, and I would never purposefully do anything to harm the Network or stain its name. 

5,604 more words
Donald Westlake Novels

Gender and Oppression in the 1950s

Feminism is often described in waves: the first brought women’s suffrage in the late 19th and early 20th century, the second in the 1960s had a broader focus (family, work, sexuality, reproductive rights), modern third-wave feminism has a more diverse focus. 221 more words


What women want; 9-April-2015

A woman not wanting marriage or children is considered unnatural and is stigmatized even today. When early feminist crusaders went against this basic premise that marriage and children are the prime necessities for women, they were stepping into uncharted territories. 34 more words

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