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Texas Glimpses Some Late-Season Wonder

In most years, Texas fireflies have largely faded out by August. But this year, a second wave of fireflies has washed across central Texas during mid-September. 303 more words

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The Modern Feminist Rejection of Constitutional Government by Dr. Christina Villegas

Dr. Christina Villegas of the University of California, San Bernardino published a report entitled “The Modern Feminist Rejection of Constitutional Government” for the Heritage Foundation. It’s a long read, but persuasive in its entirety. 1,134 more words

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Sex & the City & Feminism

Dissecting Sex in Sex and the City

In the era following the reclaiming of sexuality in second-wave feminism and rapid globalization, television became an outlet in which sex—specifically females and sex—was a topic more widely accepted in broadcasting. 2,961 more words


Faldaprevir - An Effective Second-Wave Protease Inhibitor

Robert Hindes, MD, co-founded Trek Therapeutics, which is organized as a public benefit corporation that seeks ways of developing innovative yet affordable and accessible antiviral medications. 135 more words

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New on 500px : Curves by robetzel by robetzel

Located near the Arizona/Utah border, the Coyote Buttes area presents endless composition opportunities. The sandstone layers in undulating formations and varying colors have become famous among hikers and photographers. 20 more words

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Integrating Coffee Shops into the Circular Economy Using Starbucks as a Model

I wrote a research proposal for my CEE circular economy class. And here it is:

Since 1996, Starbucks’ expansion has been exponential; the number of stores has been growing by the thousands, with the company opening 22,519 stores as of June 28, 2015. 1,354 more words

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Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions || From the Archives of the Second Wave

It was by complete chance that I found this book.

Among my many trades, I work at a bookshop, a very old bookshop, in a sleepy town in rural America. 1,160 more words