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Transactivists and TERFs - where did all this come from?

I want to make it clear that most feminists are supportive of trans women and I will refer to them as supportive feminists. Feminists who are anti trans women I shall refer to as exclusive feminists. 1,990 more words

Frostland - Winterkult (Review)

Frostland are a black metal band from Germany and this is their debut album.

This is second wave-styled black metal, with a firm atmospheric black metal element; sort of a mix of the Scandinavian and US strains. 222 more words


(Not Yet) Elder Reflections by Christy Croft

Four years ago, as I went to touch up my roots with a shade of red I’d been dying my hair since I was 18, I noticed that what had started as a few random strands of gray amidst my natural reddish brown had become streaks of brilliant silver. 964 more words


Part 2: Chapter 4 - Transformation

Since my last post I have gone through a tremendous – TREMENDOUS – transformation. The person that I was when I wrote my last post is no more. 1,039 more words

Twin Flame

Snively Shadowmind

Snively Shadowmind is an antique bookdealer and trafficker in rare and unusual texts and artifacts. The Second Wave elf is the owner and proprietor of The Infinite Archive and has been a fixture of… 63 more words


Information gathering

With the second wave of journalism, information gathering changed to an extent that no journalist could have imagined two decades earlier. This section substantiates what journalists today do to find and receive information through the wires. 1,574 more words


PINHOLES lansare single "Liliac" Club Fabrica

Pe 23 Noiembrie, formatia PINHOLES va lansa, in Club Fabrica, single-ul “Liliac”, in cadrul unui eveniment ce incepe la ora 20:00, alaturi de duo-ul rock-alternativ, … 7 more words