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Fred Alchin at War: Two-up on Tarakan

I was always told that after my Pop, Frederick Otho Alchin (1917-1998) returned from active service during the Second World War, he had a desire to never go anywhere too far from home again. 2,356 more words

Alchin/Wheatley Family Stories

Japan Rising from the Ashes Part 4: Supreme Commander General Douglas MacArthur's Office - The Dai-Ichi Insurance Building

From August, 28 1945 to April 28, 1952, Japan was not a sovereign nation; instead it was occupied by the Allied nations of the Second World War. 515 more words

Tokyo 1964

Britain, France and Europe: Reassessments

On 22 May 2018, I and my Strathclyde colleague, Dr Rogelia Pastor-Castro, led a debate on the history of relations between the UK and France and what shape their future relations might take post-Brexit. 215 more words


It’s common knowledge that as Hitler’s bid to rid the world of Jews escalated, so did the world’s refusal to let them in. What’s not well known is that when those borders, ports, doors, windows, and boundaries began shutting Jews out, in part by refusing to issue them visas, Shanghai, though already swollen with people and poverty, was the only place on Earth willing to accept them with or without…

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Warplane Wednesday: Martin Baltimore

The Martin Baltimore was an American design ordered by the French in May 1940, just as the Battle of France took shape. The French armistice with Nazi Germany forced the Glen L. 279 more words

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Amsterdam: final days and film!

The last snippets of Dam are here!

For the final post, I have combined day four and day five, as despite day 4 being hectic, day 5 was super chilled but we flew home that day. 634 more words

Suffer the little children...

I don’t want to do that whole ‘as a parent’ thing.  It’s offensive to all the people who aren’t parents but who do give a damn (most people, I’d like to think, though it’s harder to believe that some days than others) to suggest that if you’ve never given birth or fathered a child you could contemplate cruelty against the most vulnerable people, the people we are all, parents or otherwise, programmed to protect, with equanimity, the people who are our collective future. 792 more words