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Slinky Lizards

The 2nd grade students worked hard to make these paper lizards.  We started by decorating large pieces of construction paper on both sides.  Then, decorated faces and legs to match.   129 more words


Geat Adventures Wait for you!! New Mens Jacket!~

Geat Adventures Wait for you!! New Mens Jacket!~

Eric Has that feel that can be dressed up or dressed down. It give you that since of climbing walls to the roofs and leaping from building ot building.It also have Many Great textures for you to choose y our favorite from. 25 more words

Set Goal

At last, goal is set….

I gave myself another chance for redemption, to show my capabilities.  A year went by with nothing, but anger and frustration growing every second.   49 more words

Entry #116, #117, & #118

This morning’s poop started out innocent enough. But as things were to come, this turned out to be a dark deception, a lie to keep me unprepared for my darkest hour. 252 more words


When you are intrested in firearms...

I was told by somebody I know something creepy today, that if you show interest into buying a gun, companies send you advertisements and magazines with the purpose of convince you to definitely buy it. 201 more words

Entry #114 & #115

This was my second poop yesterday. It’s distinctly two poops combined to form some monster poop. Look, it even appears to have a mouth, like it’s some kind of poop worm or something. 487 more words