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Reformation of Intersectionality in Our Society's Educational System

Within our developing school systems, the one thing I am most interested in regarding to our society’s educational structure would be the topic of intersectionality. The United States holds alone 98,817 public schools as presented by the National Center of Education Statistics. 628 more words

Marriage equality, the ‘Vote No’ case, and the teaching of ‘thinking well’

By Steve Wilson

I have been an educator and teacher, in many forms, working with people of all ages, for many years. I have often reflected on what my core values as a teacher are, because teaching often appears to be a complex and opaque activity, and one can lose sight of what lies at its heart. 890 more words

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“The kids run the school, here.” That’s what the teachers say – I hear them say it all the time. The kids don’t put it that way, instead they say, “This school’s corrupt.” 452 more words

Creativity – should we encourage it?

Ken Robinson has likened the school system as a production line preparing its children as a product ready to take their place in the industrial world (1). 914 more words


Moral Judgments – Facts or Opinions?

Allan Bloom began his Closing of the American Mind with this memorable observation: “There is one thing a professor can be absolutely certain of: almost every student entering the university believes, or says he believes, that truth is relative.” (25) College education does not make these students relativists – they come to university that way. 830 more words

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Why do I blog?

Hi everyone! Thank you for checking out my blog. I love the idea of blogging my journey through the teacher education program at UNI but sometimes, life gets in the way. 35 more words


Teaching Empathy? It’s a Process: Drama in the Primary Classroom

By Rachael Jacobs

Recently a lesson on the Stolen Generations, conducted at a Sydney school, went horribly wrong. Year 4 students were engaged in a day long ‘role-play’ in which they were told they would be removed from their families. 811 more words

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