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Some donors are shifting aid to secondary education

The recent policy paper by the GEM Report containing the data on 2014 aid spending shows that, for several years, aid to education has been stuck not only at a level far below what is needed but even below levels reached a few years ago. 604 more words

It's always the thought that counts.

Today is the last day of school and I am feeling all the feels I could ever feel. But I’m also not feeling anything at the same time. 467 more words


Our last-day-of-school self portraits...

We take pictures on the first day of school, but we don’t take pictures on the last day of school. I personally think we should; one on the first day, one on the last day. 59 more words


Class Mascot: Greta-the-Dog

One of the strategies I used this year was an interactive notebook. This was an interactive notebook of a different breed that ended up not being as effective as I would have liked… yes, I will be changing it for next year! 658 more words


PBMS 1: Recognition Cards

Positive Behavior Management Strategy Number 1: Recognition Cards

I got this idea from a note pad someone gave me. (See attached photo)

It’s a pad of quick rip slips where you acknowledge the awesomeness of your kids. 424 more words


Positive Behavior Management Strategies Intro.

Oh Lord…classroom management. Many students come into the classroom not really prepared to behave themselves or treat other students and their teachers with respect. Many students are not self-motivated naturally and not particularly motivated about school.  308 more words