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Passion and Pizza; Your career

My wife is gluten free. Well not her but the diet she eats. She can only eat gluten free food since she has an allergy to wheat. 781 more words

Saundra Paschal

Title: Mathematics Teacher
Company: San Angelo Independent School District
Location: San Angelo, TX United States
Distinguished Member

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Libraries and homework in the internet age

My 12 year old daughter in Year 7 (first year at secondary school in the UK) was given some history homework.  She was asked to create a fictional Facebook profile for Martin Luther.  2,398 more words


Secondary education will empower India in the 21st century

Examination season is stressful for both students and their families, and the stakes could hardly be higher. Within the next decade, India will be home to the worlds largest pool of human resources. 416 more words

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Learning towards an ecological worldview

by David Wright

For a little over 20 years I have worked as an educator in a university based Social Ecology department. Here considerable attention is paid to the construction of ecological understanding and, in association, the ‘learning ecology’ of both students and (Hill, Wilson & Watson 2004; Wright & Hill, 2011). 1,403 more words

Directions In Education

Reignite learning: Raise the bar with digital partners

“Mr. Cook, I am so excited for class tomorrow,” was shared with me by one of my students this past month. A bright young lady, she has always excelled in the classroom, but there was something different going on in the classroom, literally. 1,307 more words


Laurene Powell Jobs sees high school as the next design problem Silicon Valley can help solve

As the wife of Steve Jobs, Laurene Powell Jobs had a front-row seat to the rise to Apple. Now she is turning her philanthropic efforts to what she says is one of the great design failures in modern America: high school. 423 more words