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Five Key Subjects that Should be Taught in Schools

As someone who has worked in education at both the secondary level, and in an adult education setting, I have realized that much of what is taught to students today is out of date, and not really relevant in terms of what students really need to know in order to succeed at further studies, or in the outside world.   711 more words

What is Curriculum? (Focus on Curriculum Part 1)

This post will begin a series on the topic of “curriculum”. I plan to discuss what “curriculum” is, characteristics of a good curriculum, ESL curriculum, elementary and secondary curricula, and may even include a few guest posts from teachers specializing in subjects such as history or math to talk about their subject’s curriculum. 416 more words


Loose Lips Sink Battleships || Star Wars Propaganda

In our never ending search for ways to integrate pop culture, we have stumbled upon the amazing art of Cliff Chiang. He takes our favorite characters from the rebel alliance and empire both, and creates propaganda posters for both causes. 107 more words

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Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Reauthorization On The House Floor This Week

Legislative Activity
ESEA Reauthorization Bill to be Considered on the House Floor this Week

The education community continues to analyze H.R. 5, the Student Success Act, which the House Education and the Workforce Committee approved and reported to the House prior to the Congressional recess. 841 more words


The real lessons of Plasan

Vermont’s pro-business community couldn’t hardly wait to score a cheap political point (and, as usual, soil the state’s reputation) after Plasan’s announcement that it was relocating to Michigan. 1,053 more words


Instructional Rounds Creating a Community of Collaboration

Inspired by the medical-rounds model used by physicians, educators have pioneered a new form of professional learning known as instructional rounds networks. Through this process, educators develop a shared practice of observing, discussing, and analyzing learning and teaching.

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