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Starting (and failing?!) to Prepare

Student teaching officially begins on August 25th, the day after Ball State classes start for the fall semester. The school that I will be teaching at, however, begins classes next week (NEXT WEEK!). 367 more words


School Start-Up Stress

Wednesday was my first day back in my classroom for the 2015-16 school year.  I’m not being paid to be here, but I’m here because I’m redoing a lot of my classroom, and want to put it back together before we are required to be here next week.   1,458 more words


The official countdown is on – 33 days until I move to my new home and 53 days until I begin my course!

I feel like I should be doing something – anything! 507 more words


See Ya, Academia. Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya.

In April 2014, I ended my career in academia — though calling it a “career” may be overstating the case. I had two months left in my fifth year of an English Ph.D. 1,461 more words

Higher Education

The Last Post

So – no longer am I writing whilst glancing up at the clear blue sky, listening to our chicken clucking away, or feeling a warm breeze… but instead sat in Macclesfield, looking at a distinctly grey sky, feeling COLD even though it is the 28th July. 1,957 more words

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The dangers of relaxing

So as all of us teachers know, it’s the Summer Holidays. We can (metaphorically) let our hair down, enjoy the sunshine (ha!) and do whatever we so wish. 440 more words


A New Education Curriculum for a New America

When I was a girl, I did NOT celebrate the 4th of July because……African-Americans weren’t free…duh!

Let’s Get Right to the Point Before I Forget Everything Flooding Through My Head Right Now… 1,968 more words