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Drinking the Teacher Kool-Aid (Pt. 1)

I look around the room and see every kind of middle schooler: Unkempt or everything in place, tube socks and shorts or Abercrombie and Hollister, kiddos in athletic clothes and then some in something unique. 543 more words

Rafa Antonio: Prayers in Dance

Right at home!

That was exactly how I felt the minute we were welcomed to the Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu last January 18. We weren’t being “kapal” or anything. 945 more words


#SubTweets of the Revolution

Here is a little insight into how the American Revolution may of gone if the founding fathers had Twitter.

Enjoy your weekend!

Social Studies

Calculus for the Aspiring Mind

By Joe Pickett, OCW Publication Director

Two MIT mathematics professors have designed a new online series of short introductory calculus courses for high school students and recent graduates. 199 more words

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Little League Educational Mentality: A Celebration of Mediocracy

A few years ago my nephew informed me he was going to a banquet for his football team. Months later during basketball season he informed me that he didn’t want to go to a banquet for basketball. 196 more words

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The Case for Homework

Kevin Gannon (Grand View University; Twitter:@TheTattoedProf) wrote an excellent rebuttal to an essay published in the New York Time recently. Mark Bauerlein, himself also a professor ( 3,955 more words