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Press club in my secondary school (Nostalgia)

From the views generated by my previous article, I discovered many people (I guess teachers) are curious about secondary school press club. Thus, they search this online daily. 751 more words


Two difficulty levels in Maths for CBSE class 10 students from 2020

Budget 2019 : The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will introduce two levels of examination in Mathematics for Class 10 students in 2020 to cater to different kinds of learners. 201 more words

Classroom Management

By Tina Ye

The woes for both first time teachers and experienced teachers: how to properly control an uncontrollable class. Sometimes it might just be one troublemaker who seemed to know exactly where to poke your nerves, sometimes it’s the entire class, most of the times it’s just one bad… 581 more words

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Education: Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings...

Supervision in contemporary education has devolved, in many places, to farce.  It no longer serves as a means for principals to ensure teachers are qualified, capable and dedicated.  2,333 more words


The Final Table

While on break I discovered The Final Table on Netflix. Episode 7 featured Italian chef Carlo Gracco as a judge. I love watching people do things they love. 202 more words

Point Of View

Opinion: Canada’s ‘Broken’ ESL/ELL Programs

By Tina Ye

Why drastic reforms on ESL/ELL programs must be made from within the Canadian public educational system to keep up with globalization demands. … 697 more words

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Gifted Students in Secondary/Higher Education

At the high school level, there are many ‘options’ for GT students which may include AP, IB, magnet schools, honors classes, or dual enrollment. Additional ‘options’ are early entrance (plus other types of acceleration), talent searches, and distance education classes.  683 more words