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Writing Skills: Analysis Exercise (I)

In my last post, I talked about writing and rewriting. I also mentioned looking at other people’s work. Of course, it is nice to have model essays to study and emulate, but poorly written paragraphs can also serve as a good teacher so long as you can identify what is problematic about it. 254 more words

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Writing Skills: Writing and Rewriting

Last week, Time carried an article on improving one’s writing skills and proudly boasted “secrets” from Hollywood. There are at least two problems here:

  • Given the recent offerings from Hollywood, I wouldn’t really want to learn screenwriting from them.
  • 511 more words
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Writing Skills: What's in a sentence?

Although this post is classified under “writing skills”, it might more accurately be labelled “reading skills”. Regardless, this post is going to touch briefly on the topic of close reading. 652 more words

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Fallacies: Sunk Cost Fallacy

On Tuesday, you were asked to consider a scenario in which you could either choose to wait for the taxi or opt for public transport. If you haven’t seen… 560 more words

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Trivia Thursday: The Stanford Prison Experiment

(I hope you like spoilers. Also, I recommend watching the movie with parental supervision.)


In 1971, a professor of Psychology by the name of Philip Zimbardo carried out an unusual (and rather unethical) experiment to test the idea that certain inborn personality traits predisposes individuals to become cruel and abusive. 452 more words

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Slow Writing

Slow Writing – Step by Step

“Miss, I don’t know what to write!”

“Sir, how do you start?”

These are questions asked by students who find it difficult to get into descriptive writing. 510 more words

Writing: PSLE writing versus Real Writing (Part 1)

I always stress that there is a difference between writing for the PSLE and writing for the real world. For the purposes of acing the PSLE, there are certain strategies and “rules” to follow to minimise the time spent on writing and maximising the returns. 455 more words

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