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LOTD 378

Shirt:MgMen-SVEN @The Signature Event
Pants:MgMen-SVEN @The Signature Event
Bowtie:MgMen-SVEN @The Signature Event
Shoes:David Heather-Prada Oxford(Sienne)
Ring:Minimal-The Five Ring Rare
Hair:L’etre-Sided Hair

Pose:RK Poses-Kole @Crossroad Event


Sn@tching snowflakes

Catch a falling snowflake and put it in a jar.. wait that can’t be right you would just end up with a jar of water. Oh well snowflakes would be more fun to catch on your tongue I think. 200 more words


Trying to be comfortable & catch up!

Hi my friends, this past week and a half has been a bit rough as I’ve been recovering from surgery, but I finally just had to grit my teeth and start doing things seeing as how being out of commission has put me so far behind in things I need to to do.. 178 more words

Artificial Sasquatch Diagnosis

Commune Utopia is featuring the artistry of Rocksuriya.

‘Artificial Sasquatch Diagnosis’ “A study in the virtual male form”

Rock tastefully shows off his physique in a erotic sensual way. 163 more words


Cooler Days featuring Prism

Beautiful fall day and I’m feeling in the mood to jump to explore. I look so fashionable in my new outfit from PRISM.  It features a suede skirt, sweater, scarf and belt.   68 more words


Lazy Saturday featuring Prism

Just walking around and feeling a bit carefree.  There are still the Indian Summers happening and just longing for our first freeze.  In the meantime, I love the changing colors of the leaves. 40 more words


The Plain of Jars

Fitch Lekvoda’s “The Plain of Jars” is…well, that. A plain of jars. Giants jars. Hundreds and hundreds of them. Some half covered in the sand, others standing in the sun. 117 more words