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Στο «φως» μυστική στρατιωτική βάση των Ναζί στην Αρκτική


Μια άγνωστη στρατιωτική βάση των Ναζί στην Αρκτική έφεραν στο «φως» Ρώσοι επιστήμονες, περίπου 72 χρόνια μετά από την κατασκευή της. 


Guardians of the Galaxy far, far away.

The other day I picked up an issue of Guardians of Infinity and found something that piqued my interest.

Rocket, Groot, and Drax board a mysterious ship in hopes to plunder any treasure they might find there. 523 more words


Verses Mode

Not one, but TWO of our contributors here on Secret Base have birthdays today. Yes, January 12 happens to be the day that both Stephen (Ansiem) and Taylor (NerdyNightOwl) were born. 480 more words

Secret Base

Dragon Pokémon Ranked!

No one person has the right to officially rank Pokémon. So I’m leaving it up to EVERYONE! Please vote!

Take Our Poll

We want this poll to be accurate, so we need as many votes as possible. 6 more words


Review: Maus

Several years ago, when I was in High School, Mrs. Rock (one of my favorite teachers) recommended the book “Maus” to me, when she discovered I like comic books. 547 more words


Nerdy Night Owl. Who? Me.

Hiya there!

My name is Taylor. David (aka captainchwelve) has graciously invited me to join the ranks of his nerdy blogging army. Thank you, David! Who knows, perhaps this could change my outlook on writing as a whole. 359 more words

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