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Secret Garden- Acne Spot Treatment

IDR 72.000

Pembasmi jerawat ini cukup dioleskan ke kulit yang ada jerawatnya, dan akan langsung bekerja seketika juga.

Jika produk jarang dipakai, mohon simpan di lemari pendingin (kulkas). 55 more words

Face Care

Winter Fantasy...

Hellooo everyone ~ have you missed me?  Yes as most of you knew that I was moving in RL and it took a lot longer than I thought to get all settled in but this move has been probably the best one yet ~ am no longer close to my favorite location the beach but the mountains and the landscape truly make up for it ~ as one of my sponsors “Once Upon Time” has given me the gorgeous Winter Bed set that will is available at The Secret Garden event ~ “The Secret Garden event is a magical journey through enchanted gardens that change with the season. 402 more words

My 2016 Tet Holiday

I have returned to Ho Chi Minh city from my hometown for working after a very big holiday of my country, Tet holiday. This day is really a very sacred holiday of Viet Nam and it always brings me all feelings of life realistically: Happiness, sadness, hope, pleasure, regret, gratefulness, etc., as well as feeling about the growth in my mind. 535 more words

English Essay

My experience with a copy cat.

A few years back I met this certain guy and eventually, we became friends. We started hanging out and became best of friends in no time. 458 more words

Secret Garden

Your Secret Garden

One midnight as I was tipping toes through your house, I found a little door. Hidden, but unlocked. Weathered, but stayed firm. So I turned the freezing knob and discovered your secret garden inside. 302 more words

Lucky to be last: hiking in the Andes

Acute mountain sickness isn’t fun. Dominating the peaks of South America was going to be harder than I foresaw. As I stumbled steeply upwards at the back of the pack, our local walking guide Henry an ever-smaller speck in the distance, I asked myself: was I cut out for this? 289 more words

Confessions of an introvert

  1. Once a guy rejected me because I’m an introvert, as if there’s something really wrong with me.

  2. Sometimes I wait in the bathroom until all our guests are gone.

  3. 266 more words
Secret Garden