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Минулий місяць був багатий на несподіванки. Дякую, В., до речі, шарф і зайця я зацінила.

Знайома з роботи залишила цю милу червону сумку на моєму столі.

Ну і Рік з молескіном і печивом. Якщо хтось не бачив, це найбільш прокурений і фантастичний мультик останнього часу. Під картинкою промо до першого сезону, а в цьому році вже третій виходить.


A Trip Down Longitude Lane

On my strolls through the historic district, I discover hidden gems each day- my latest obsession: Longitude Lane.

Longitude Lane is an easily overlooked country road nestled between East Bay Street & Meeting Street. 153 more words


Spring is here!

Each Spring, I fall in love with Charleston all over again. The temperatures rise and the days become longer. The camellia and azalea blooms creep up against the extensions of wrought iron gates. 154 more words



During School holidays, we’ve been reading The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This was one of my favourite books as a child. I must have read it dozens of times and have revisited it a few times as an adult. 874 more words

10 điểm đến "đẹp bất ngờ" ở Tây Nguyên khiến giới trẻ muốn đi ngay lập tức

Có những cái tên lạ, cũng có những địa điểm quen thuộc. Nhưng Tây Nguyên vẫn là thiên đường của những điểm đến “đẹp bất chấp” mà không phải ai cũng biết đến. 2,064 more words

Du Hí

Best Character Additions to Adaptations

Analyzing storytelling means asking questions, primarily, “Why would they do that?”

Let me tell you, when writing about film adaptations of books, that same question can become different questions depending on which word you emphasize. 614 more words

Throwback Thursday

'The Secret Garden' by Frances Hodgson Burnett- Spoiler Free Review

I read this book as part of my Mum’s Monthly Must Reads challenge. She will recommend me twelve books throughout the year that she loved when she was younger. 575 more words