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[Babble] Saturday Night at Starbucks

Yes, We Spent Saturday Night at Starbucks! Don’t Be Jealous.

Last weekend, a friend from out of town was visiting. Prior to her visit, we had been discussing all the awesome things we would do during her stay: a night on the town, dancing, drinking, debauchery, bloodshed, regrets the following morning! 588 more words


The Dean's List: Huge News From Starbucks & Cap'n Crunch Is About To Punch You In The Mouth

There is HUGE news for your taste buds today!

Starting today fans of blended iced coffee drinks can do a happy dance because Starbucks is offering 6 new frappuccino flavors for a limited time!  172 more words


Starbucks Secret Menu: Apple Pie

I have to say this secret menu from did taste like apple pie. Not like freshly baked apple pie, more like the frozen ones you get in the super market. 31 more words

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Starbucks Secret Menu: Fruity Pebbles Frappuccino

Hey all my little quarter notes!

The secret menu drink I have for you today I found from an article of 15 different secret menu drinks try. 103 more words

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Work Woes: Barista Blues

So this week was the unveil of the mini frappucinos here at the store. Because the world needed a smaller frappucino size, just like the world needed a smaller already-small iPad tablet, just like the world needed phones as big as tablets, the list goes on.  129 more words


Starbucks Secret Menu: Thin Mint

What greater frappuccino to make them to make in it into a one of the few Girl Scout classic. The Thin Mint is one of the greatest cookies Girl Scouts came out with and to taste this in my sized Grande Starbucks cup is fantastic. 58 more words

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Yummy App of the Day: Secret Menu for Starbucks

Who doesn’t love a good secret?!?

Next time you’re at Starbucks, wow everyone in line by ordering something that’s not on the big chalkboard menu thanks to our Yummy App of the Day: Secret Menu for Starbucks. 67 more words