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Don't Matcha Me

I debunked an urban legend today.

Maybe that can be my new pastime.

There IS in fact a way to get iced green tea at Starbucks for only 86 cents. 135 more words

Investigative Journalism

Starbucks Secret Menu Review: Cotton Candy Frappucino

For those of you, who not just worship Starbucks and know their menu like the back of your hand, also know about their secret menu. One of the many listed in the frappucino category, this one is the Cotton Candy Frappucino that I had the pleasure of trying this specialty goodness via my awesome best friend and old sister Kris. 114 more words

Reviews And Reviews

My Guilty Pleasure - Starbucks

Yes… I love Starbucks, but not all the time does my wallet love Starbucks. So when I saw that they were have a deal; I knew that I needed to share this with everyone! 91 more words

50% Off

Disney's Best Secret

Current craving: Lobster Nachos!!!!

This right here is hands down the best nachos I have ever had. Inside Disney’s California Adventure, there is a magic place called Cove Bar and as an adult is the best place to go for food and drinks. 27 more words


Otto's Tacos

When I hear the name “Otto,” I immediately think of this cool dude rather than tacos.

Woogidi woogidi woogidi!

But now, thanks to my taco-loving best friend Monica, I will associate the name with…

176 more words
NYC Eats

Create: Happy Birthday, Frappuccino - Starbucks Secret Menu

This is the perfect day for my first #tbt story on a post! Back in middle school, I had a group of about 5 girlfriends. We were inseparable. 577 more words


Starbucks Blended Strawberry Lemonade

There are many times where we go into a Starbucks or Jamba Juice and someone orders a drink you had never heard of.  Did you just miss it on the menu?  465 more words

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