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The Most OVERRATED Video Games, According to Some Guy on the Internet

I’ve got a confession: I’ve played a lot of video games in my life. I think it’s safe to assume that you, Mr. or Mrs. Reader, are in the same boat, or at least you’ve got a sizable interest in them. 1,936 more words


Right Place, Wrong Time - Games Worthy of a Remake

Kotaku has an article up this week about one of my favorite games:  Xenogears. In it, the journalist, Jason Schreir, was able to ask director Tetsuya Takahashi about that infamous second disc and why the game went to a narrator instead of letting the player experience the moments the narrator discussed. 1,434 more words

Video Games

Music: Amanda Lepre's "Arid Sands" from Secret of Mana

Amanda Lepre, guitarist extraordinaire for Descendents of Erdrick, took on her own remix for the Secret of Mana remix album Spectrum of Mana, and she just kills it here. Enjoy!


SNES Classic Releasing This Christmas

When Nintendo announced they were halting production on the NES Classic, I think everyone was wondering the same thing.  What the hell is Nintendo thinking?  This thing was never available in stores.   461 more words


Seiken Densetsu Collection - Nintendo Switch - Secret of Mana

Coming to the Nintendo Switch on June 1st, 2017 is Seiken Densetsu Collection, or as the series is more commonly known in the West, Secret of Mana (which is actually the U.S. 350 more words

The Secret Of Mana Nintendo Switch Ports Are Being Handled By M2

It has been revealed that it is none other than M2 who are busily working away on the Seiken Densetsu Collection. The acclaimed team is responsible for the excellent Sega 3D Classics series so the Secret of Mana collection development should be in more than competent hands. 62 more words


ทวีตOfficialของ Seiken เผยวิดีโอเล่น Seiken3 บน NSwitch!!!

#聖剣伝説 pic.twitter.com/uXD0hey02H

— 聖剣伝説 -公式- (@Seiken_PR) March 20, 2017


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