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Stiles' Series Synopsis: Secret of Mana

So, this game is considered a classic and a masterpiece huh? Oh god, I can already see the lynch mob planning their attack… 4,500 more words

Stiles' Series Synopsis

Music of the 16-bit era: five of the best

Introduction: I spent much of my late teens and my 20s playing and listening to loud music, earning me tinnitus by the age of 30. Its got a bit better in the years since I gave up being in bands, but nevertheless my days of listening to heavy metal are largely behind me (with a few exceptions), and my music of choice now tends to be video game soundtracks. 1,114 more words

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The moon is often a powerful, mystical place in video games. Well, I guess it’s more correct to say moons are mystical places. Oftentimes, games will feature two. 331 more words

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Random Game Wednesdays: Secret of Mana

When I started Random Game Wednesdays, I knew that eventually I would end up with a game that was way too long to properly discuss. The only thing I can really do with a large game like that is to play the beginning and give some early impressions. 866 more words

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The Answer is Blowin' in the Wind

I actually do have a personal anecdote about video games and wind! Growing up, it was my favorite element in all the games I played, making me particularly fond of elementals like Sylph… 205 more words

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Top Ten (Five): Video Game Soundtracks

(NB: “I am Setsuna” is not on this list, but a) have I mentioned how excited I am for this game?, and b) it’s in the genre the other games are and I try to only post ‘official’ YouTube videos.) 525 more words