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Heartbound - a Boy and his Dog

Heartbound is a indie role-playing game developed by Pirate Software. The game is about talking dog and  boy that goes on a crazy adventure and the game draws inspiration from Secret of Mana, Illusion of Gaia, The Mother Series, Secret of Evermore, Super Mario: RPG. 260 more words

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Adventures of Mana and Secret of Mana Video Game Review

By: Matt Alexander

Bundle Extravaganza!

Never underestimate the power of either nostalgia or mana. The awesome power of bright colors and synthesized music come together on the iOS for your amusement and/or infatuation with a bundle of games from before Squaresoft merged with its boring boyfriend Enix and started staying at home on Saturdays to play charades instead of producing good games. 309 more words

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Stiles' Series Synopsis: Secret of Mana

So, this game is considered a classic and a masterpiece huh? Oh god, I can already see the lynch mob planning their attack… 4,500 more words


Music of the 16-bit era: five of the best

Introduction: I spent much of my late teens and my 20s playing and listening to loud music, earning me tinnitus by the age of 30. Its got a bit better in the years since I gave up being in bands, but nevertheless my days of listening to heavy metal are largely behind me (with a few exceptions), and my music of choice now tends to be video game soundtracks. 1,114 more words

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The moon is often a powerful, mystical place in video games. Well, I guess it’s more correct to say moons are mystical places. Oftentimes, games will feature two. 331 more words

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Random Game Wednesdays: Secret of Mana

When I started Random Game Wednesdays, I knew that eventually I would end up with a game that was way too long to properly discuss. The only thing I can really do with a large game like that is to play the beginning and give some early impressions. 866 more words

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