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Secret of Mana Final Weapon Orb Locations - Where is the Final Sword Orb?

While not required, getting a bit more power out of your weapons at the end of the game can certainly make things a bit more fun. 188 more words

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Secret of Mana Remake [Review]

Just to put it out there: along with many other people, the original Secret of Mana on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System is one of my favourite games on not just that console, but of all-time. 1,505 more words

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Secret of Mana Best in Slot Armor for the Best Possible Defense

By the time you reach end game, there will be a few options for best armor. In this guide, we’ll go over the top level armor you can find to have the absolute best stats possible. 188 more words

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Secret of Mana Pure Land & Ending

These article contains videos of the end of Secret of Mana for PlayStation 4. However, if you’ve played the original game and just want to see the ending in the new graphics engine, this post is for you. 40 more words

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Ready Players Podcast Episode 45 - Bioshock Is Arrrrrrrt!

Coming to you from just before an totally rad Dungeons and Dragons game, it’s the forty-fifth episode of the Ready Players Podcast!

This week Tristan, Kai, Korey, Brady, and Jack talk about some of the games they’ve been playing last week, some of the upcoming games releasing throughout this week, and also get excited over… 80 more words


Secret of Mana 2018

Two streams in one night! :D We checked out the 2018 remake of one of my favorite SNES games of all time. Does it hold up? 20 more words

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Secret of Mana Flying on Flammie & the Mysterious Faces on the World Map

Here’s what the world map flying looks like on the remake of Secret of Mana. I also take a look at the mysterious faces on the world map, both in the ocean near Ice Country and on the mountains near Southtown. 65 more words

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