One major doctrine which was consistently taught to me and fully embraced by me for the first 45 years of my life was the “pre-tribulation rapture”!  1,592 more words

End-Times Fables

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1. Daniel’s “Seventy Weeks” Prophecy – Did The “Prophetic Clock” Stop Ticking?
2. Needed: A Rational Approach To Bible Prophecy… 11 more words


Hagee's Rupture... I mean...

Our favorite Zionist windbag scrutinized…

There’s been a long line of rupture… I mean rapture preachers since John Darby first espoused his view of the Second Advent of Jesus Christ.  319 more words

Post Tribulation Rapture Answered

Bible believing Christians know that the Rapture is portrayed in the Bible as being before the Tribulation. This position is called the Pre-trib Rapture. Pre meaning before, and the entire phrase meaning “We believe the Bible teaches that we go in the Rapture before the Tribulation comes.” 2,414 more words


Will Christians Be Secretly Raptured?

(I am posting this article from The Gospel Coalition, October 9, for future reference to the subject of dispensationalism.)

This past weekend the eschatological thriller  614 more words


What's Wrong And What's Right About 'Left Behind'?

There is so much misinformation regarding the understanding of the Rapture and what it means to be “Left Behind.”  From ALL SIDES.  So let me get into it. 4,033 more words

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