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The Secret Service 1.12 - May-Day, May-Day!

It breaks my heart, this show is so uneven. This episode is dull, dull, dull. Almost the whole thing is Father Unwin landing a plane. Even Daniel said “I can’t wait until this is over.” 135 more words


How Police Succeeded at the Republican Convention

The 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland had all the ingredients for a perfect storm of violent protests and mass arrests, but it never happened. 511 more words

Passport / Travel Dream

Here is this morning’s dream

I am going on a trip, somewhere. I am dressed in lightweight casual clothes, with a light pastel blue blazer jacket. 531 more words


Secret Service investigating Trump adviser after Clinton remark

The US Secret Service is investigating an informal adviser to Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign after he called for Hillary Clinton‘s execution.

Al Baldasaro, a… 442 more words


The Winnebago terrorist of Vauxhall bus station

From the street Vauxhall bus station looks like an up-cycled 60’s winnebago, used in a home made sci fi porn by your dodgy mate Barry after he soldered on some bits of metal he found behind his shed. 642 more words


The Secret Service 1.11 - School for Spies

“Wow, this one’s really good,” I said to myself. “I wonder whether Donald James wrote this one as well.” He did.

It’s not just me who perceives a jump in quality with James’s scripts for this show. 160 more words


The Secret Service 1.10 - The Cure

Two things to note about this one: most interestingly from a story standpoint, this is the first occasion in which Father Unwin actually has a proper confrontation with an enemy agent. 181 more words