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Avengers: Secret Wars S04 E03: The Sleeper Awakens

With the original Avengers still missing, the new team soldiers on, and their mission to protect the Earth never ends.  When the Red Skull’s doomsday Sleeper robots go on a rampage, the… 789 more words


Marvel's Secret Empire (Part 2)

The continuation of our guest post from Ed Brown of last week which has had to be split into two parts, in which Ed explores Marvels major story-arc, the Secret Empire. 1,689 more words


Marvel's Secret Empire (Part 1)

Or How to Alienate Your Readers with a Great Storyline

We’re heading towards October, the time of year where the Marvel Universe receives its annual shake-up at the climax of a 5-month long universe-spanning crossover that involves every hero with TV or silver screen time (planned or actual) and nearly every support character they’ve ever worked with. 1,516 more words


Looking back at Marvel's Secret Wars (1984)

1984 was an important year for comic books. This was the year that launched the mega crossover event, a staple of comic books that is still with us to this day. 671 more words


Friday September 8, 2017

My favorite works of art are psychedelic, and usually partake of what I like to call an “inner-cosmic epic” aesthetic involving ego death, ascension, discovery of hidden realms, humans becoming gods, gods become human — essentially, journeys inward to the edges of the known and beyond. 352 more words

3 reasons why Marvel's Secret Wars was a complete bore

Billions of dead bodies, universes in ruins and Doom rules over all in Marvel’s Secret Wars series. Secret Wars, the biggest crossover event in the history of the publisher, was the culmination of years of planning, big thinking and a story that would affect everyone in the entire history of the 616 and Ultimate universes. 896 more words


Crisis of Comics: Secret Convergence Wars: Oh, the Places We'll Go

Crisis of Comics takes a weekly look at some of the recent publishing woes by the Big Two, offers up theories and concludes with suggestions about what might be missing.

156 more words