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November 24, 2015: Visser

I let myself sleep in till eight. When I wake up my mom has sent me a picture of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back minifigures. 287 more words

Secret Wars, Canary Cries, and Weird Little Kung Fu Bastards

One thing I’ve learned about writing funnybook reviews over the long term is that I can never be satisfied with my approach to it. When I’m reviewing everything I read, I start to feel like I’m saying the same things about the same books over and over again. 2,049 more words


Week of Marvel 21/11/2015

This week, Marvel’s second Netflix series has proved to be yet another hit – and Marvel began their first Star Wars crossover! 87 more words


History Reviewed: Secret Wars and Low White Morale

I discuss the psychological warfare that whites face in their struggle against the Jews and Elite. We examine the concept of Secret Wars and look at the reasons why psychological warfare is necessary for the purposes of creating low or high morale. 12 more words


Week of Marvel 14/11/2015

This week – Secret Wars #7 is finally released!  Plus: we learn more about Rob Liefeld’s return to Marvel! 221 more words


Really Quick Review - Secret Wars #7

So, this is going to be a really short review, because if you’re not reading this series by this point, then there really isn’t a whole lot that I’ll be able to say without spoiling things.   176 more words


Really Quick Review - Thors #4 (Secret Wars Tie-In)

The murderer is revealed.  The motive is revealed.  Battleworld will never be the same.  Jason Aaron’s brilliant tie-in mini-series comes to a close with this week’s… 190 more words