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A bloody rogue....

A Bloody rogue

HYPOCRISY – A bloody rogue

Before Sunday, on Saturday evening, they both committed fornication. Both of them being the members of the choir of the church, they were shocked at being denied a ministration stand with the Choir, but the Pastor got them after God revealed their acts to him. 210 more words


My Irrational Fear Of The Thing That Transforms & Hops

I would be willing to bet that every single person in this world is completely and utterly terrified of something. Some fears and phobias might make sense or be easily justified to an outsider, and others… like mine for example, might be completely ridiculous and unexplainable. 937 more words


Something for the weekend: A Cliff of Flavours 2015 in Playa de la Arena

Un Acantilado de Sabores (A Cliff Flavors) 2015 will allow visitors and residents enjoy the finest wines of Tenerife accompanied by delicious tapas. It’s a gastronomic and tapas route being held in the Avenida Marítima, … 131 more words


Photos: 35 year old man arrested for secretly marrying 6 year old girl

A groom has been arrested and his accomplice hunted by Police in connection with arranging child marriage between a 35-year-old man to a six-year-old.
Marriage broker Jamuni Bai, 51, is known for arranging marriages with child brides for a fee of around £350, say police in Rajasthan, India. 314 more words





儘管我需要自己的空間也表現的很灑脫  對你的行蹤不緊迫盯人


其實我常常覺得  我跟你  像是兩個互補個性卻又有些特質相像在照著鏡子的自己

我們都一樣要求很多地雷很多  對自己的堅持都是一樣固執

儘管現在才一個多月卻兩個都沒說過愛  大概只因彼此都覺得這句話太沉重

就我個人感覺  我們都希望這段感情能夠開花結果走到最後  但卻又都有自己的懷疑跟猶豫

我們的生活方式很不一樣  你很嚮往戶外生活  而我喜歡居家的寧靜

你做事衝動有決斷力  為人自我希望活出自己

而我做事猶豫三思而後行  為人圓滑配合度高有耐心

儘管現在我們相處的還不錯  但是我還是不知道未來到底會怎麼樣








Tenerife’s Illusive Mouflon

“For as long as I’ve lived on Tenerife, I’ve heard about the mouflon that live in Teide National Park. Despite the fact that they are obviously very real, and friends have even seen them, I have never seen sight nor sound of one, and they have remained in my mind, a sort of Tenerife legend. 56 more words