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Secret tape: Nebraska Democratic Party official glad Congressman where shot.

“An audio recording was posted on YouTube Thursday with Phil Montag, a technology chairman, voicing how glad he was Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise got shot last week at a baseball practice… 72 more words


The Secret of Room 39

A handsome man went into a hotel and asked to see the boss. When the boss came, the story began.
-The client: is room 39 empty? 538 more words

Ike Onwubuya

Anger and Epilepsy: WHY ME?

Suddenly, you’re feeling edgy. Lashing out at loved ones for no reason at all. It’s not anybody’s fault. It’s that old familiar enemy. Epilepsy. Again. 547 more words


the names I have called myself…. Dom/Bold,Beat&Nipless

“You wear your heart up on your sleeve… so watch out for pickpockets” -Big Sean

Naive… because I trusted you with my entire life… i admired you… and even more did I admire your wife because she was the epitome of perfection…so excuse me for not seeing eye to eye with you… well even if i wanted to see eye to eye i can’t…because you have forced my face into this smelly pillow… so many sick fucks in this world… i really wish you were an expecption… I am naive to think your perfect ladys pussy was enough…. 585 more words