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Indie-pop trio LANY returns to Singapore in March

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After performing a sold-out show in Singapore last August at Scape, the LA-based indie-pop outfit is coming back to our shores once again. 133 more words


Woodrow Wilson

President Woodrow Wilson’s secret prohibition era wine cellar, the ban on alcohol did not stop Wilson from drinking his ritualized glass of wine every night with dinner, he initially kept a wine cellar at the white house but then moved it to a private home for fear of political backlash…

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Secret Identities 

Secret identities
cry out
amid arms reaching out
for more instruments
to hold new songs
searching skies
for new suns
while now
your pockets weigh you down… 26 more words


Secret Pac Man Magic | Mind Persuasion

Humans Are Always Looking For Shortcuts

Humans are said to be scared and lazy, and we do anything we can to make life easier and safer. 39 more words

"Net neutrality is the secret sauce that has made the internet awesome"

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The internet as we know it is about to change drastically.

Net neutrality — the standard that internet service providers, or ISPs, must treat all traffic equally — will most likely be repealed today in a… 2,018 more words


Levinas's Makropulos Secret

Peer Edited by: Nicole Suscello and Hailey Ralston

The Makropulos Secret by Karel Capek is a science fiction play about a girl who has a medication that can make a person live for 300 years. 585 more words

10 Days of Holiday Media: Day 4

Some things, once you discover them, become things you want to shout from the rooftops so everyone can know about them … while simultaneously being something you want to hide away, keep secret, keep safe from those who couldn’t possibly appreciate it as much as it deserves. 454 more words

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