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Horrible Tinder Dates Lead To Sexy Masquerades?

Tinder has never really given me any fulfilling experiences or opportunities… though my experiences and opportunities *have* been quite interesting.

One experience in particular, while not successful in the sense of a relationship, has led to a domino effect on my life. 453 more words


Novel: Father Figure (Week 3 – Friday, July 21st, 2017)

Last time we chatted, I’d just finished week #2’s update for Father Figure, the new novel I began writing earlier this month. For a summary of the novel, scroll to the bottom of the post. 956 more words


Diner En Blanc 2017: How To Participate In The Most Secret And Chic Dinner In White

(Source: www.forbes.com)

A few days ago, I received an invitation to the super-secret “Diner En Blanc” (Dinner in White), an annual event taking place  in Luxembourg on June 29th at a public location that won’t be revealed, literally, until the last minute. 1,214 more words

Money Matters


Imagination is the method we have to perceive the future. To exert our will over reality and experience a perceived future requires a bit more fervour.

Primates On Typewriters

New Word Poem no. 23 - Surreptitiousness

Surreptitiousness is such a marvelous word,

How it babbles off the tip of the tongue,

I could try to be surreptitious about it,

But it’s just too god damn fun! 6 more words