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The Original Statue of Liberty was an Afrikan

On my journey, I discovered that there was an original rendition of the Statue of Liberty, sculpted by Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi as a gift to the United States.  107 more words

Treasure Hunts

"Just Tell Her!"

I’ve seen a lot of people wonder why Elsa didn’t eventually tell Anna about her powers and explain why she didn’t want to be around her. 348 more words


Still Life | Thirsty to snatch the secret

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Strong Memorable Passwords

I don’t get it! How many time do you come across somebody with the same password, or an obvious one, or they make a list? far too many. 79 more words


Dealing with Diagnosis of Disease

If you or a loved one have ever gotten news from a doctor that they have a certain disease, below are stages that this person, or yourself, will go through.  949 more words

Life In General


EVERGREEN LOVE – means the love that is always as new as it was in the beginning. In short, the time never passed since yu first started having the love for a person. 728 more words