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The Real Way To Learn NLP Isn’t From Seminars – It’s From Practice

Most people think NLP is a myth, because most people only talk about NLP without ever doing any actual NLP. 33 more words

On Masks

We all have our own masks,

Some look trustworthy, 

Some make the heart sink into the stomach,

And some show the gates of hell.

Neither of those masks is true.

23 more words

I Won Over $20,000 in Prizes on The Price is Right!

After three months of keeping my lips tight, the secret is finally out! Last October, I won on The Price is Right (“TPIR”)… and I won big. 1,460 more words

23 Januari 2018

Hanya ingin bercerita sedikit tentang seseorang ditempat aku kerja. Sebut dia Th……, pengalaman kerjanya lumayaan lama sih sudah lebih lima tahun mengabdi sebagai karyawan ********. 102 more words


THE CONTEST ( 2018 )

The wind and trees communing near

Share a language that we can’t hear

The rustling leaves stand on their toes

Assured which way each breeze now blows… 27 more words


Secret Tree

“Okay, Sally,” Kassandra said. “We’ve been wandering this forest for what feels like several months, so if you happen to know a way out and you’ve been hiding that fact, it would be great if you could tell me.” 197 more words

Written By: Judi