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Hillary Clinton Edited Emails Before Turning Over To State Department....

WASHINGTON DC –  It is rare for news events, even as momentous as the past week’s, to drown out absolute proof that a candidate for president has lied willfully to the public and Congress. 334 more words

Washington and Havana Formally Restores Diplomatic Relations After 54 Years

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According to history.state.gov, the United States remained in Cuba as an occupying power until the Republic of Cuba was formally installed on May 19, 1902 following the defeat of Spain in 1898.   380 more words

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David Axelrod caught emailing Hillary Clinton at personal address he knew nothing about

It was so very, very considerate of concern troll David Axelrod to give Republicans some helpful advice on campaign priorities back in March:

The email trap: If the Rs make HRC email an obsessive fixation, to the exclusion of larger concerns of people, they will pay a price.

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Industry Referendum Delays California’s Plastic Bag Ban Until November

SACRAMENTO (KCBS)— Tuesday was supposed to be the last day for plastic grocery bags in California, but an industry-financed referendum has delayed the ban until after next November’s election. 215 more words


ISIS Takes Credit For Terrorist Attack In Tunisia Killing 37...

Tunisia was the origin of the Arab Spring – Since neighboring Libya fell into a state of civil war the radical islamists are now spreading around the North African Mediterranean.  475 more words