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وظائف سكرتاريه 

وظائف سكرتاريه 
المصدر : جريده الوسيط ابوظبي
التاريخ : 18 يناير 2018


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وظائف سكرتاريه
المصدر : جريده الوسيط دبي
التاريخ : 18 يناير 2018

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Rex Tillerson’s staff printed Donald Trump’s tweets out so he can read them

(Source: www.theverge.com)

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has revealed he asks his staff to print out Donald Trump’s tweets so he can read them, according to… 191 more words



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required to join our
team and support our daily
responsibilities. Assist Leas-
ing Team to carry out the day
to day tasks. 524 more words

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A New Role

It’s kind of funny (yet really kind of pathetic), but I used to think, while in school, that once I graduated with my master’s degree that I would just find a museum job and it would all be happily every after. 317 more words