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Google's controversial Secretive Alphabet plan to control public transport | Daily Mail Online

Columbus, Ohio, could be the first city to benefit from the software which is attempting to make ride-sharing services such as Uber the primary transport option. 9 more words


Black and hiding secrets

Natural and imaginative

Making one feeling dank

And unknowing of what lies ahead

Peering inside the umbrous presence is like

Gazing through a shaded glass window… 19 more words


Γιατί ο Ν.Αναστασιάδης φοβάται τον λαό;

Έχει επιβληθεί σοβαρότατο, ανεπίτρεπτο και εγκληματικό «δημοκρατικό έλλειμμα» στη διαδικασία της διαπραγμάτευσης. Συσκότιση, μυστική διπλωματία, παραπλανητικές δηλώσεις, έγγραφα αγνώστου «πατρότητας» γεμάτα εποικοδομητικές ασάφειες συνιστούν δυστυχώς το πλαίσιο μέσα στο οποίο κινούνται οι διαπραγματεύσεις.

Secretive Tax Rulings and the Apple Tax Repayment: The EU Commission’s Apple Decision. The Beginning of the End of Tax Wars?

This lays bare the core of a global problem: secretive tax rulings issued by tax haven states are not an instrument for the avoidance of double taxation, but a tool for the achievement of non-taxation of profits. 909 more words

Economic Report

Consulting Detective

Lithe, aquiline,

Never had piercing eyes shone warmth and intelligence.

Observable, deductions,

The perpetual roar of revolutions

Reside in peace, harnessed for purpose.

What do I say of him? 54 more words


Here's everything we know about Apple's secretive car project

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

As Tesla CEO Elon Musk said, Apple’s electric car is an “open secret.”

Apple has never confirmed the project, but we’ve gradually collected details of Apple’s car plans over time, dubbed internally as Project Titan. 937 more words


Condition for initiation

Two disciples came to a Master, they wanted to be initiated. 

The Master gave one parrot to each and told the disciples to go to an absolutely lonely place where nobody is watching, and kill the parrot, and come back. 298 more words