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Here's everything we know about Apple's secretive car project

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

As Tesla CEO Elon Musk said, Apple’s electric car is an “open secret.”

Apple has never confirmed the project, but we’ve gradually collected details of Apple’s car plans over time, dubbed internally as Project Titan. 937 more words


Condition for initiation

Two disciples came to a Master, they wanted to be initiated. 

The Master gave one parrot to each and told the disciples to go to an absolutely lonely place where nobody is watching, and kill the parrot, and come back. 298 more words


How a Secretive Branch of ISIS Built a Global Network of Killers

BREMEN, Germany — Believing he was answering a holy call, Harry Sarfo left his home in the working-class city of Bremen last year and drove for four straight days to reach the territory controlled by the Islamic State in Syria. 4,568 more words

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Here’s how Google makes its giant, internet-beaming balloons

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Google X, the secretive moonshot lab run under Google’s parent company Alphabet, wants to make the internet accessible for everyone.

That’s why Google has been refining its giant, internet-beaming balloons since 2013 as part of its Project Loon. 625 more words


Secretive $20 billion startup Palantir is buying $225 million of stock back from employees — in exchange for their silence

Palantir, the secretive $20 billion data-mining startup cofounded by Peter Thiel, is buying $225 million of stock back from employees. The catch, reports BuzzFeed’s William Alden, is that employees and “certain” ex-employees are only eligible for the buyback offer if they agree to a variety of conditions,

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10 Excuses Guys Always Make When They Cum Too Quickly

Lets face it; sex can turn from hot and steamy to uncomfortably awkward in a matter of minutes, or seconds. Premature ejaculation is a real thing and if I had to make an educated guess, I’d say most women have been with a man that has came very quickly at one time or another. 775 more words

Why I Hate Your Face (And It Has Nothing To Do With How You Look)

I hate the flat button nose that I used to tap with my pointer finger while lying on your chest. I’m not a fan of your thick honey-buzzed hair. 364 more words