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Writing on this blog provides some comfort. Some faux socialisation. Who exactly am I talking to? I don’t know. Who am I reaching out to? I’m not sure. 315 more words


Once more, the quest

The trees are thinning now.

You grab my hand as I make

to sweep a branch from our way,

breath held in, tight, coiled.

Easy, you say. 61 more words


Ever Seen an Echidna Without Its Spines?

{“contentType”:”VIDEO”,”id”:{“value”:”61d7dfb7597dec4660528b6f432fe8cb”,”link”:”http:\/\/api.newsapi.com.au\/content\/v2\/61d7dfb7597dec4660528b6f432fe8cb”},”originId”:”5348771529001-5734104039001″,”origin”:”BRIGHTCOVE”,”title”:”Ever Seen an Echidna Without Its Spines?”,”subtitle”:”Ever Seen an Echidna Without Its Spines?”,”description”:”It\u2019s a weird sight for sure, but also a rare one. Part of the monotreme family, the echidna is famous for its spiky body, similar to porcupines and hedgehogs. 1,599 more words


the masks

OH MY GOSH so regionals for Science Olympiad was over yesterday. *relief* I placed in 3 of my events, but more importantly MY SCHOOL DID WELL! 91 more words


It’s not official, but sources say the secretive Zuma satellite was lost

(Source: arstechnica.com)

On Sunday night SpaceX launched the Zuma satellite into space. What we know for sure is that the first stage of the rocket behaved nominally enough such that it was able to safely return to Earth, and make a land-based landing along the Florida coast. 267 more words


Whatever it was, the secretive Zuma mission is now in space

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Sunday night update: SpaceX provided no additional details about the launch after it delivered the Zuma spacecraft into orbit on Sunday night. 403 more words