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REVEALED: This is what secretive billion-dollar startup Magic Leap has been working on

Magic Leap, the $4.5 billion startup backed by Google building technology that augments human vision with digital imagery, is scrambling to finish a working prototype before an important board meeting next week. 49 more words

The Interview

Bella snapped out of his gaze and looked down.

‘What was that? How weird.’ She thought looking down at the floor.

‘So Bella, lets see what we have for you. 563 more words

First Look

She only knew that he was good in mass transfer and math. ‘Well he has to be if he wanted this job, duhh!’, she thought to herself. 518 more words

The Scorpio

Arthur Rutherford. A 40 something old millionaire had been teaching at Columbia for the past 6 years. Was originally the Head of Department at University of California, Berkeley. 506 more words

Tempest Rising

It seemed like a normal sunrise. You could trust the waves to carry you to the shore. No warning signs. Serene and calm she rose from her sleep. 259 more words

Fear and Loathing in Hungary

There is a recurrent theme in Hungary. People are afraid to resist and voice their discontent of the current political regime. They fear they will get blacklisted by the government, they fear that they (or their loved ones) will lose their jobs, and they fear that the authorities will harass them on bogus charges. 825 more words

Guest Post

36 Women Confess The Kinky Sexual Secrets They’ve Never Told Anyone

Found on AskReddit.

1. I once orgasmed 83 times in one day.

“I’m female. In my mid-teens, I was severely depressed and became addicted to masturbation as a coping method. 4,469 more words