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Another part of living with a spouse! Is when s/he has NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) they are very ruling, controlling, domineering, manipulative. When it comes to their significant other and the kids. 262 more words


DREAM LOG ENTRY: Friday 19 June 2015

I had a few vivid dreams last night.

One was that it was raining. I honestly got up and had to check for signs of rain as I was absolutely positive that I woke up last night to heavy rain. 296 more words


NWO PUPPET: Hillary Clinton Backs SECRETIVE TPP Fast-Track on Obama’s Trade Deals

Source: Washington’s Blog, by Eric Zuesse

On Sunday, June 14th, Hillary Clinton came out publicly for the first time in support of President Obama’s trade-deals — TPP with Asia, TTIP with Europe, and on… 413 more words

The Elite, Or “TPTB”

Mysterious mustelids

One of the animals that lives in the Cairngorm National Park but is very hard to see is the pine marten. Pine martens belong to a family of mammals called mustelids, there are 7 species of mustelid that live in the UK; pine martens, stoats, weasels, polecats, mink, badgers and otters. 461 more words

Sasha's Travels

I Have to Look Forward to Life

I don’t know why I always think like this.  I feel way to dependent and I’m too scared to do anything with my life.  It wouldn’t be so bad if I could just do something right for once.  101 more words

My Life

Have you Ever pt. 2

Have you ever had a time in your life where you felt lost

And the one thing you really found yourself longing for, was someone you could talk to, someone you could bare your soul to, without the fear that that person would bare your soul to others, when your words were meant to be shared with them alone? 178 more words



Image by Christine Renney

A chainlink fence runs along the back of the houses and the posts have been pulled across the path. Taking giant steps, the boy walks on the green plastic mesh. 787 more words