... A Touch Fascinated ...

There’s nothing like a great appreciation for life when you end up in so much pain so quickly in front of your children that you have to resort to popping pain killers that your body is not used to nor does it know. 1,698 more words

Lena Rai

Hurry up... and Wait

There’s such a great humility that comes over you when you think everything about you is nothing but evil because your environment has done the best it can to prove it to you. 1,463 more words

Lena Rai

Qualifications for a Miracle

“Don’t Speak”

By No Doubt

You and me

We used to be together

Everyday together always

I really feel

That I’m losing my best friend… 2,099 more words

Lena Rai

Bring Out the Dildo

I have this real bad uncanny ability to get what I want and I was just released from that moment of glory a few minutes ago. 1,004 more words

Lena Rai

I Feel It Was You!

Woot Woot!!!!  Back online… nothing much to say about that except for wrongful accusation by a computer that thought it knew what it was doing… Whew!! 2,335 more words

Lena Rai

I'm Waiting... Patiently!

You ever sit back and find it hard to find worth in what you do anymore? Whatever your primary purpose in life is all this sudden takes a back seat to whatever drama seems to be created at the time. 3,943 more words

Lena Rai