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Sweet talker

More of Andrew’s story

The drive to the country was spent running scenarios. What to say, what to ask, what to reveal. The last time Nori spoke to Kathryn Ransom Brownlee it was at the funeral of Ashley Ransom – Nori’s best friend and Kathryn’s only child. 593 more words

Writing Prompt

XII. The Danish Sculptor

Happy Turkey Week everyone!

Okay well it’s not that much of a happy week yet lol. Its pouring rain outside, I’m stuck at work and all I can really think of is the weekend and the holidays approaching. 2,108 more words


Fallout 4 - Easter Eggs and Secrets!

If there is two things I love in games it’s Easter Eggs and Secrets. Well I love a lot more than just those two things, but they are pretty sweet, and it’s even sweeter when you stumble across a well-placed Easter Egg that you weren’t hunting, only to have a crystalising realisation of what has just happened. 196 more words


Prince Charming

Here he comes, walking by, strutting as if he was Prince Charming. I bit my lip nervously while looking at him as he walked past, gosh – he was attractive. 585 more words


Little Secrets

Mishti smiled as her little brother gulped down the chicken soup that she had prepared, after a long hard day at work. The cold was creeping through the streets and she felt relieved to have found themselves, this warm and comfortable home before the winter. 1,136 more words


The Profane Philosophy

There is much ongoing speculations and investigations pertaining to the questions of who we are and why it is that we are here; everyone wonders and wants to understand: What is my purpose? 773 more words


What happens
when you don’t care enough
to hold your own hand?
When your very own mind
Turns on you
When the waters below
promise to cradle you… 111 more words