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Say what you me-e-ean

Oh how I love making Panic! At the Disco references.
Today’s post is some advice.
Sometimes in life, you are lucky enough to find a person, or multiple people, you can be open with. 96 more words


Day 12

I’ve been very very busy lately and all I want it sleep. But tomorrow is last blast. The last weekend of college where everyone goes crazy and gets drunk and blah, blah, blah. 74 more words

The Universe Controllers (Numbers)

Before we start you should know that numbers weren’t invented but discovered.

The Number “9” is the last number in the decimal system “base 10″. 173 more words


Dear World

I am new to this blogging thing so you will have to bare with me. I wanted to start this blog after having so many interesting occurrences happen in my life that they were too sad, funny and scary not to share.  122 more words


✾ About you flirting with other girls from Tucker's cellphone...

So I was having lunch with Mustang today. Normal. Just us at the mall. I was eating sushi and he was eating Wendy’s. Suddenly, he tells me that he sometimes flirts with other girls from Tucker’s cellphone. 309 more words


The Secret

We are sitting in Margie’s small living room that looks over the morning shadows across the lawn, through the cedar trees to the wild place that gives the residence’s its name, The Meadows; another cursed dry, beautifully warm sunny day in Napa. 1,376 more words


Here Are The Secrets Revealed From Tonight's Bruce Jenner Interview

The Bruce Jenner interview is set to air tonight, and we have found some of the secrets that are going to be revealed tonight.

Our friends over at Radaronline have reported what his boys are going to call him after it’s all said and done. 16 more words