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Family Secrets

From my journal, dated February 11, 2012 (age 17)

Did I tell you that Nona died? It was really sad, but she’d been “sick” a long time so it wasn’t really a shock. 345 more words


Midnight snow falls gentle around her.

The air dripping with exquisite melancholy.

Winter’s secrets settle thick at her feet.

The storm within appeased,

at last.



Celebrity beauty secrets

You just couldn’t resist could ya? Well don’t worry nor could I. Day to day we are bombarded with flawless selfies of Kylie Jenner and Beyonce and we just can’t help but wonder how they manage to look consistently perfect. 903 more words

Lifestyle And Beauty

Don't Ask Me If I Remember You

do you remember me?
I’m back in town.”

I hear you
on the other line
while i see
the postman
outside the window.

The postcards… 89 more words


New year, new Python: Python 3.6

Python 3.6 introduces a new module in the standard library called secrets. While the random module has long existed to provide us with pseudo-random numbers suitable for applications like modeling and simulation, these were not “cryptographically random” and not suitable for use in cryptography. 28 more words


Under Darkened Eaves

through a veil I barely see

darkness shrouding the land

shuttered windows

obstruct the view

doors firmly closed

darkened eaves hold secrets

no one drops by

there is no need

the net was my safe haven

but safety net no more

with partially opened doors

shutters always ajar

tabs can reveal more

we keep pretending

that truth is elusive

but no more

a version is always

within one’s grasp

© 2017 Michael D Emmerich

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