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Haiku Compilation III

Face fears without blink
Standing strong against the wind
Never be afraid

Overcome sadness
Push through depression of death
Life’s greatest journey

Ball of lies spinning… 63 more words


Writing Prompt Wednesday!


Take a look in the mirror…is there more to you than what you see in the reflection?

Look closer…deeper…beyond the surface…

Do you harbour a secret? 107 more words

Contemporary Women's Fiction

absolute private but definitely worth telling


Undoubtedly EVERYONE has a secret in life. At least one. I bet even pets have secrets.

I don´t have a pet but I have loads of secrets which I have been – naturally implying the word secret – keeping to myself for a most of my life. 74 more words

Absolute Private

What slang expression(s) do you now find most grating?

Hippie Revolution

The Curtain

What’s behind the curtain

What’s hiding there from me

Something’s wrong I’m certain

I cannot hear or see

A truth be told I’ll wager

As Justice takes a break… 59 more words


Keeping secrets

Telling someone in my family and tell them to be quiet is like the biggest mistake ever. But my sister M and I is keeping a massive secret for mom and we wanna tell everyone in our family but we can’t and we won’t. 97 more words