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Playing dressups

The night before, we had argued.  We had argued because he had consumed two bottles of red wine and anything else that he could find the dredges of, which would be almost zilch because he always finished everything off.   875 more words

Kait King Author

You remind me

You remind me

Of sunshine

and Starlight divine

a deeper secret

held by time

You remind me

of blossoms blue

held by lush green grass… 79 more words

Your Left Angel

What lingers in the darkest shadows

Very few of us ever see

But it still remains waiting there

Forever watching you and me

The voice that whispers in your left ear… 128 more words


The Messages of Life

When the heavens conspire

To disseminate subliminal messages

Through the realm of unknown intelligence

Mostly they dissipate into an abyss of chaos

Few minds are conscious of the messages… 117 more words


Disposable Messages

The online interactions I have with my female Chinese friends, the more I realize just how disposable they consider their messages to be. I suppose I should do the same. 327 more words


7 Secrets to Decorating Like the French

Rugs For Living Room
photo ledges roundup
Decorating Your Living Room: Must-Have Tips Choose the perfect Area Rug! 7 Secrets to Decorating Like the French… 16 more words