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I just found out from my step mom that my dad would go out and get prostitues and cheat on my mom when he was out of town for work… … 188 more words

Secrets From Restaurant Chefs

Here are a few secrets chefs revealed in a new survey.

The Food Network just surveyed a bunch of chefs around the country, and 75% of them said they’d seen ROACHES in their kitchen. 111 more words


The Power of a Secret (TW)

I carried the trauma of my rape around with me for enough years to know I’d never recover. It wasn’t the fear that I kept re-experiencing that was so hard to take. 518 more words



In 11 months we should be finally getting out of this hell hole called Joint Base MDL/NJ. We were only supposed here for 3 years. I knew when the hubby first told me we’d be coming to New Jersey that we’d be stuck here for longer then 3 years and that nothing good would ever come from being here. 733 more words


Relationships: Honesty

Everyone wants to know the secret to having a relationship that lasts forever, or so it seems. Well… the secret is that you can’t expect every living, breathing, waking moment to be perfect. 968 more words