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2016.12.05: roiling

white caps on surface

churning water from dark depths

revealing secrets


Barriers to lean synchronization, or the secret to junk-free house

In this article I will show-off that I still remember some operations management stuff – LOL :). But, you’ll get quite some value as well, because a lot of those complicated terms boil down to a very practical and down-to-earth principles, applicable equally good to a factory and to a… 902 more words

Family Life CEO


Welcome to foodsnbooks Lyrics Sites SECRETS The Wild Lyrics, singer by SECRETS

You’re the worst part of me!
Because, when I gave you my soul, I didn’t get one back, 346 more words


Here is why

Di essere in dei vostri bambini ricordi Domani, dovete essere nella loro vita di oggi! Io non so di lui anche quando ho chiesto. Ecco perché.


Advice blogging goes haywire in How to Make Out

How to Make Out, by Brianna Shrum, (Sept. 2016, Sky Pony Press), $16.99, ISBN: 978-1510701670

Recommended for ages 14+

Sixteen year-old Renley needs to make money fast: she’s dying to go on the math club’s got a trip to New York City, and she needs to raise $3,000. 307 more words


Kitchen Secrets - Easy Kitchen Hacks

1to1cabinets.com From creative solutions for leftovers to a quick fix for too-salty soup, these helpful tips and tricks can save you time and money in the kitchen. 7 more words

It's Tempting

We spoke in Florida…

NAS Pensacola. It’s a naval air station. Anyone who will be working on planes gets stationed there. Before boot camp I had been in a relationship with my high school sweetheart. 317 more words