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The daughters wore saddle shoes.
The daughters read Nancy Drew and Freddy the Pig.
The daughers played with jumpropes and hulahoops.
The daughters got glitter paint sets and beads for their birthdays. 195 more words


My Father's Father

Tough choices can be painful. More so when a family covers those choices up. What happens when those secrets are found out? And how can perceptions of people change when you start to learn more, and even understand? 978 more words


Do Secrets Really Make Friends? 

Everyone has heard the phrase: “Secrets don’t make friends!” Usually, this phrase is uttered bitterly while people nearby whisper quietly into one another’s ears. But, do secrets really not “make friends”? 363 more words

Spiritual Anatomy

Intricately wound
Hidden chambers
Never to be reached
By touch or sunlight

Fragile strength
Undefined, but sacred
Absorbing the pain of
Forgotten wounds

Vulnerable to the elements… 28 more words

Free Form

Body in the Wall

I see both of you, when you think no one is watching. Huddled in corners, whispering and plotting when you think you are alone. But I see it all, there is nothing that happens within these four walls that I don’t know about. 67 more words


The Dance

A complicated series of steps

The sequence vital


Which movement to make now

What should follow


Music is but one part of the story… 35 more words


Fruit Trees

..in which I explain a simple technique for happy trees…

This basically consists of putting an open compost bin in the middle of where you plant your trees. 254 more words