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i take a peek in your glassy eyes
to see the stories that hide behind
the drunken nights that only your pillow remembers; apart from your heart… 88 more words


Keeping Secrets: How Healthy is it For a Teenager?

Gossip has evolved over the past century. It has moved from being shared under the mango tree in the village where men gossip over palm-wine or by the riverside where women gossip while washing clothes to sharing virtually on social media networks in recent years. 738 more words


DIY walking path—it's easier than you think

A few years ago we decided to install a walking path from the driveway to the front door, and we considered lots of hardscape options. My very favorite is flagstone, but it was expensive, and we were intimidated by the irregular edges of the stones. 533 more words




Am married with a kid now. My husband s a good partner. I got married by force and also to forgot my past love. I can’t say him as ex. 171 more words



i dont know anymore, i feel like it’s stupid how most teens from 13 years old and above always wanna be in a relationship, what’s so good about it? 129 more words



i just want a dom gf who doesn’t mind me being clingy, i just want some affection