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The whole world says it: Turkey... J'accuse!

Is Turkey collaborating with the Islamic State (ISIS)? Allegations range from military cooperation and weapons transfers to logistical support, financial assistance, and the provision of medical services.

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Mosques Attacked! Sectarian Mass Murder in Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

May 23rd, 2015.

Sectarian Massacres in Saudi Arabia and Yemen

Multiple Shia Mosques targeted in Yemen and one in Saudi Arabia

Worshippers Massacred during Friday prayers. 485 more words


The UK general election part 3: sectarianism and democracy

In the final post on the UK general election I want to look at the results from my own little polity and the political slum that is Northern Ireland.  1,774 more words

Northern Ireland

Iraq enlisted 100,000 militiamen to fight ISIL and now it can barely control them

BAGHDAD—With traffic on the Republic Bridge snarled up for half a mile and lunchtime fast approaching, the two pickup trucks chock full of armed men in desert camouflage decided they could stand the wait no longer. 1,537 more words

Erdogan's Syrian Chaldiran

I recently read an article in Al-Monitor about the rising number of attacks on Syrian refugees in Turkey and decided to share a piece I wrote in March 2014. 842 more words


Link - Ramadi - The Way It Looks

It’s obvious that the US did the bare minimum in the fight for Ramadi. The list of targets destroyed by American air strikes reads like satire or gallows humor. 417 more words

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Arabs between terrorism , sectarianism and division

حديث اليوم | رفيق نصر الله ~ توفيق شومان | العرب بين الارهاب والطائفية والتقسيم | الاتجاه

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

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