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Pulling out the pin: Drawing Hezbollah out of Syria

January, 2014. Assad’s fall from power is inevitable. His army is haemorrhaging combat power through defections, demoralisation and tactical defeats. The coalition of nationalists and Islamists are cutting a path to Damascus like a scimitar through flesh. 1,223 more words



Countless incidents of target killings, blasts and violence attacks on Imam Bargahs, Majalis and Shia communities can tell us that a person’s faith can determine the kinds of interactions he or she will have with the society—and how likely it is that he or she will survive the encounter. 737 more words


In the Arab world, sectarianism is real, sects are not

Source: Aljazeera

Analysis of Arab societies through sectarianism does not grasp the complex dynamics of identity politics in the region.

Rima Majed 179 more words

The Muslim Times

Violence in Kashmir is increasingly spilling over onto the streets of Britain

Slightly late posting of a new piece for the Telegraph which was written a little while back and finally got up last week. I am not in total agreement with the title chosen by the editors which explicitly suggests that the sectarianism was something linked to Kashmir which was not my intent. 1,169 more words


Al-Azhar’s historic fatwa on Shias

October 14, 2016

SHAFAQNA IN COLLABORATION WITH THE WORLD SHIA FORUM – The following is the transcript of an interview which was conducted with al-Azhar’s most senior authority: Dr. 511 more words

The Muslim Times

Biblical Authority After Babel by Kevin Vanhoozer (Or, An Antidote To Shame-Faced Protestantism)

At Babel, the LORD God pronounced judgment on human hubris. Scattering humanity through the confusion of language, he fractured it into warring tribes and nations. For many, after the Reformation a similar scattering occurred.   1,261 more words


Des Dillon (2013 [2005]) singin I’m no a Billy he’s a Tim.

This is a stage play, a successful stage play, so successful that my mate Sharpy went to see it and he doesn’t usually go to plays, but it’s about the Old Firm and bigotry, so that’s alright then, but reading a play and seeing a play are a bit like looking out the window at midnight and wondering how cold it is outside. 575 more words