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Finding offence

How are we to assess the impact of activities (e.g. words, songs or gestures) associated with sectarianism in contemporary Scotland? In the increasing absence of easily attributable effects such as crimes or disorder, or blatant forms of discrimination in the workplace or in public life, we are left trying to measure more nebulous and fleeting phenomena; most notably, signs of ‘offensiveness’ (whether given or taken). 475 more words


Community Experiences of Sectarianism

In the August 2015 issue of Scottish Affairs, a team of researchers explore the findings of a study they carried out for the Scottish government on community experiences of… 370 more words


Weekly Worker Sets Record Straight on Communist Infiltration of Labour Party.

Weekly Worker Congress, 2015 (Photo Courtesy, Sunday Times) 

“As we hit the rough midpoint of the Labour leadership contest, it is safe to say that the right – both within Labour, and meddling from without – is in total, blind panic.” 1,173 more words

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Mosul Eye - I lost all hope in any thing, I lost the feeling of...

I reviewed what I reported as news and documentation of the events in the city over the past year, not because I am an obliged Mosuli citizen who feels entrusted with his city, but more because I’m a truth seeker, pursuing it with every bit of passion for life I got in me, I realized that continuing in doing what I’m doing is utter waste, because I wasn’t fighting ISIL only, but I was fighting against an entire society with its heritage, a heritage that goes hundreds of years back.

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As 'Coup' Against Jeremy Corbyn Threatens the Hard Left Moblises its Troops.

Weekly Worker Editorial Board Deciding Corbyn’s Strategy.

Senior Labour MPs are plotting to oust Jeremy Corbyn if he is elected party leader, amid growing fears that the leadership contest has been hijacked by far-Left infiltrators.

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From Diyarbikkir to Lalish: Walking in the Footsteps of Genocide

Iraqi novelist Layla Qasrany traveled to Turkey to commemorate the Armenian genocide and visit sites that had appeared in her most recent novel. A side-trip into northern Iraq, where she visited a Yazidi shrine, brought depressing and hopeful news of ISIS: 1,427 more words


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"That evening, I found myself exhausted both physically and mentally. But there was one place I still had to visit, an old pedestrian bridge that I describe in my novel.  I thought I would spend some quiet time there, but a wedding was being celebrated on the bridge’s top. The ten- arched bridge, “On Guzlu Copry,” was built by the bishop of Diyarbakkir, Yohanna Z’oro, late in the 4th century, so his parish could cross to the other bank of the Tigris and access the Church of 40 Martyrs. I found to my surprise — and dismay — that a plaque placed on the side of the bridge when it was renovated in 2010 claimed it as the first “Islamic” bridge in Anatolia!" ...learn, learn, learn...

تحذير ونصيحة لكل المعارضين والمجاهدين الاسلاميين .. تجنب هذا الفيديو

 نارام سرجون

عندما رأيت هذا الفيديو اقشعر بدني وأحسست أنني سأكون في منتهى القسوة والعنف وانا أعرضه لأنه من المؤكد أن كثيرا من المعارضين والثورجيين وخاصة الاسلاميين منهم سيصابون بنوبة من الصراع مع الذات وسيصابون بالهستيريا لأنه يتحدى الضميرأو مابقي من ثمالة من عقل لديهم أو صبابة من ذكاء ..

War On Syria