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Lullaby: Death (Section 25)

Death is really easy.  I really liked it here.  It was dark again, but this didn’t bother me.  For a few minutes, I considered why.  There was the fact that I’d gotten so used to the dark as Rae that I almost didn’t notice.  885 more words

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A whole heap of trouble (secure accommodation)

You don’t often get secure accommodation judgments published, largely because they are usually decided by Justices rather than Judges so don’t fall into the publication scheme, but this one was decided by Mr Justice Hayden and throws up some interesting philosophical issues. 1,764 more words

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Sidney Rigdon - Section 25

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Rigdon, Sidney

1866 12

Section 25

Rev. on promises. “Thus saith the Lord, when high and holy promises are made to men stretching forth to things within the veil: These promises with me saith the Lord your God are not yea and nay but yea & amen. 183 more words

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Section 25

Section 25
Islington Lexington. 06 September 14.

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THIS IS OUR MUSIC: SECTION 25 - "Looking From a Hilltop"

THIS IS OUR MUSIC: SECTION 25 – “Looking From a Hilltop”.

Factory band that debuted with a hectoring 1980 single produced by Ian Curtis; ably navigated transition from post-punk to alternative dance. 91 more words