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2015 NNL Section Four Grand Final - Boro v Lalor

Last Friday night at Parade College, Greensborough 3 took on Whittlesea 3 in the section four preliminary final and won 34-28 in a tightly contested game. 120 more words


Supreme Court voids key part of Voting Rights Act

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a key provision of the landmark Voting Rights Act cannot be enforced unless Congress comes up with a new way of determining which states and localities require federal monitoring of elections. 705 more words


[LectureNotes] Hobbes II

FYP Lecture – Hobbes II

Okay. Can you hear me in the back? Good. Okay now we’re talking about the day of action, obedience to a sovereignty. 6,007 more words


[LectureNotes] Baroque Art

FYP Lecture #54 – Baroque Art (Lecture by J. Vusich)

It is one of St. Teresa’s mystical unions that Bernini aims to capture here. They also generally agree that the experience is unethical, unspeakable and by nature defying description and expression. 3,377 more words


[LectureNotes] Descartes I

FYP Lecture #52 – Descartes I (Lecture by Stephan Boos)

Good morning, welcome to Section 4. It’s always a privilege to lecture FYP, let alone coordinate a section, let alone co-ordinate section 4, so thank you. 4,196 more words


[LectureNotes] Francis Bacon

FYP Lecture, Francis Bacon

We’re going to treat bacon as a transitional figure who takes us to section 4. 5,508 more words




This is a recommended section. We do not currently have a powers of association section of our rules.


Powers of Association… 189 more words