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I should like to be a horse

Queen Elizabeth II is more or less the same age as my Mum, but there the similarity ends. Oh no, they both have those old lady perms. 568 more words

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"When I get through the glass"

The ward’s on an upper floor, down a long, long corridor with a key pad on the door and a thing you have to announce yourself through, and then they come and get you, very slowly.  734 more words

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Does anyone have any ideas about dealing with it? Because I don’t.

The other night the local mental health place decided to break into our 86 year old mother’s house, in our absence and in spite of our emphatic, joint refusal over the telephone, and inform us they are going to Section her to a hospital miles and miles away, since a bed happens to have become available. 843 more words

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Dementia, 'sectioning' and The Mental Health Act 1983

Alzheimer’s Society podcast October 2015

This Alzheimer’s Society podcast looks at what is known as ‘sectioning’, or the process that happens when health professionals think that a person with dementia is behaving in a way that places their health at risk or is a danger to themselves or others – they can be detained in hospital under section 2 of the Mental Health Act so that they can be assessed.

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10 (October 2015)