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Algo que me enseñaron los aliens.

En una de mis clases, con primero de bachillerato, vimos Sector 9 (Neill Blomkamp, 2009). Una de las preguntas en el reporte que tenían que entregar, trataba sobre la dignidad y su relación con la película. 595 more words


More skateboard and surfing memorabilia for sale.

Excellent condition, top brands! Carver, Sector 9, Lost etc 20.00! shipping included USA!

Hit the link to purchase! http://surfsk8memoribillaforsale.blogspot.com/2015/07/surfing-and-skateboard-posters-and.html


Located in sector 9C of Chandigarh. It is in the depressed market where Grewal Eye Institute is. First off: The grocery store is called Foodsbury and the eatery is called the 9th Street Cafè. 557 more words


Allect One Photoshoot

Allect One sent a bunch of shirts and merch to us to promote, so we went out with our paparazzi team to get some pictures and videos for them. 42 more words

12 days of Christmas!!!

8th day of Christmas!

Yo guys,what’s up?!?

So as we countdown the 12 days of Christmas and continue the recap of 2014, today here’s what went down in May 2014: 219 more words

Loaded Tan Tien longboard

go ahead and click the link and watch what professionals can do!!

After a meal at one of Texas states Dinning facilities me and a couple friends were all on our phones searching craigslist for longboards when we found this exact same board for sale! 199 more words