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Homeschoolers Need Better Advocacy

Coming out of my post-election, post-DI season, winter coma to hammer home something that has driven me crazy for years now.

The greater homeschooling community needs a better media and political advocacy organization. 793 more words


Winter 2016 Update

I had this post split into two; one for November (which I never got around to publishing) and one for December. Considering that we’re now well past Christmas and about to kick off the new year, I decided to combine them into one post and just get it published so I can move on, otherwise, I am not sure they’d ever get posted individually. 1,524 more words


Catching Up, Thanks to a New Reader

Hi, there!  It’s been a while.  I have so enjoyed the response to this blog and thank so many readers for reaching out to me over these past few years, especially as I have not posted publicly in so long.   2,889 more words


1 Son and 2 Fathers

We just returned from a fabulous family vacation to Bay Area in California. It was full of adventures, learning, lots of laughter. While on vacation we didn’t pay much attention to the news, save to listen for the weather report, because anyone who has been to the Bay Area knows about its wonky micro climates. 241 more words

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High School Homeschool

I can’t even believe that I am writing this. My oldest, LBB (which stands for LittleBoyBlue; called so because when the kids were little, my sisters and I frequently kept each others’ kids, and to tell cups apart, we color-coded all of them – his favorite color was/is blue, so the name stuck) turned 14 in December, which means that as of June 17 (when we ended our school year) he’s officially a high school freshman.  1,011 more words

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