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Secular Morality — Solved

I’ve been hearing a lot about morality, and whether or not one can have morality without a god. But you know what? This debate is just plain silly. 228 more words

Analysing Objective and Relative Moral Theory

Hello all!

I am currently taking an Introductory Philosophy course in college and thought my response to a forum assignment was worthy of sharing. I recently learned a little bit more about what Objective Moral Theory is and what Relative Moral Theory is in contrast. 688 more words


Bad AI and Environmentalism

Big corporations are pretty much bad AI. Recently there’s been a lot of talk about the impact artificial intelligence can have if it’s programmed poorly and the importance of finding the right utility functions to program them with. 4,133 more words

The Holy Spirit and Hypocrisy

With all of the moral failings of popular Christians lately, I keep getting brought back to the occasional thought that the third aspect of the Christian Divine Trinity, the Holy Spirit, actually does stuff to people. 777 more words


Inherent Superiority

Most of the stuff I write here on this blog responds to thoughts I get confronted with about religion. It’s a harsh examination of what I used to believe, an attempt to look at old thoughts from a new perspective. 782 more words