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Common Sense

Why, When it Comes to Religion, the Ends ALWAYS Justify the Means

One of the great philosophical debates (and the first thing you learn in any Intro to Philosophy class) is about deontological vs. utilitarian morality: Are “right” and “wrong” a result of certain actions being inherently right or wrong (killing and stealing are wrong in principle) or is it determined based on the consequences of those actions (killing and stealing are wrong because of the harm they do to others)? 500 more words


Crossing the 'T's and and dotting the 'i's: a contract of morality?

I have been compelled recently to thoroughly consider another moral explanation, aside from ‘The Moral Landscape’. It is called Contractarianism. And it resonates strongly with something I have recently been arguing and investigating: that an open rational discussion is a method of understanding morality. 992 more words

02: An ungrasped tyranny

Concerning moral enslavement

The nature of the last post was ultimately negative — not in its message, but in how it had to view morality in a context opposing religion. 976 more words


01: An overdue divorce

Morality is not religious, nor is religion moral.

In a modern political landscape that is plagued by religious conflicts that are as destructive and tragic as they are petty to the grand scheme of humanity, so little concern is given to dissociating the ideas of morality and religion. 2,446 more words


Secular Morality — Solved

I’ve been hearing a lot about morality, and whether or not one can have morality without a god. But you know what? This debate is just plain silly. 228 more words


Analysing Objective and Relative Moral Theory

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This post was prompted by a recent writing assignment for college and I felt it is worth sharing: 606 more words

Biblical Ethics