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All That Is Left Behind

This post by Violetwisp got me thinking again about the disparity of treatment between Atheists and Christians. It was a snippet of a comment left by a Christian blogger, essentially stating that it didn’t matter if Atheists dispute what people teach their kids. 861 more words


Why is God-based morality superior?

God-based morality is not good morality. It cannot be. Firstly, despite all the arguments that there cannot be morality unless it is God-based, there are no tenets of God-based morality. 1,033 more words

My Take on "Humanism 101"

A few high school students from a local Christian Academy reached out to me recently, asking if I could answer some questions for them about Humanism for an apologetics class where their assignment was to interview people from different faith (or non-faith) backgrounds. 1,776 more words


Taking Atheism to Its Logical Conclusion

I received these two comments (here and here) in regards to an issue taken with the post the comments are attached to. The issue was related to the argument in… 987 more words


Building a Secular Philosophy

My educational background is in law: this necessarily involves looking at facts and applying them to rules. Logic is important to these discussions, because detecting or rendering other arguments invalid can be critical to winning or losing one’s case. 1,004 more words



Humanity has a rich history of human slavery which even continues today in the form of sex slavery and child slavery in some parts of the world. 699 more words

Common Sense

Secular Morality

The presupposition for many Christians is that there can be no morality without God, and, like-it-or-not, God is the moral compass by which we navigate our lives, and he created the framework within which we exist. 635 more words