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Bad AI and Environmentalism

Big corporations are pretty much bad AI. Recently there’s been a lot of talk about the impact artificial intelligence can have if it’s programmed poorly and the importance of finding the right utility functions to program them with. 4,133 more words

The Holy Spirit and Hypocrisy

With all of the moral failings of popular Christians lately, I keep getting brought back to the occasional thought that the third aspect of the Christian Divine Trinity, the Holy Spirit, actually does stuff to people. 777 more words


Inherent Superiority

Most of the stuff I write here on this blog responds to thoughts I get confronted with about religion. It’s a harsh examination of what I used to believe, an attempt to look at old thoughts from a new perspective. 782 more words




Freedom of moral speech under a universal secular morality


Freedom to assemble as long as it is not association with an active criminal human and/or group of humans… 423 more words

Common Sense

All That Is Left Behind

This post by Violetwisp got me thinking again about the disparity of treatment between Atheists and Christians. It was a snippet of a comment left by a Christian blogger, essentially stating that it didn’t matter if Atheists dispute what people teach their kids. 861 more words


Why is God-based morality superior?

God-based morality is not good morality. It cannot be. Firstly, despite all the arguments that there cannot be morality unless it is God-based, there are no tenets of God-based morality. 1,033 more words

My Take on "Humanism 101"

A few high school students from a local Christian Academy reached out to me recently, asking if I could answer some questions for them about Humanism for an apologetics class where their assignment was to interview people from different faith (or non-faith) backgrounds. 1,776 more words