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Dvije škole pod jednim Bogom (Prometej, 13.05.2018.)

Irsko obrazovanje, ekskluziva Crkve

Irski film po imenu Podijeljena ljubav (A Love Divided) s kraja prošlog stoljeća priča istinitu priču koja se pedesetih godina odvila u mjestašcu Fethard-on-Sea. 470 more words

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You don't get to two billion believers without making a few enemies

It may be worth reading 1 Corinthians 12:12-26 alongside this post.

The news that General Synod had taken evangelism off the agenda this year – yet again – rather reminds me of the notorious… 1,120 more words


utility versus worth

What is a rock worth?

Well, it depends. It depends obviously on what the rock is made of. If the rock is made of gold, it will be worth much more than a rock made of limestone. 1,059 more words

Book Review: Disruptive Witness

Disruptive Witness
Alan Noble
InterVarsity Press, 2018. 189pp.

It is quite apparent to anyone paying much attention that the world of late-modern Western capitalism is ever-the-more distracted, confusing, and messy. 840 more words

This 19th Century slave-owner is more enlightened than Trump's choice for Supreme Court Justice

The idea of the Wall of Separation between church and state was introduced by Thomas Jefferson, the United States’ third president, in his 1802 letter to the Danbury Baptists. 380 more words


India : From a Secular to Radical Hindu Nation?

Howdy ..!!
Hope you are doing fine. This morning i woke up to my cell phone playing ‘Monster’ by Skillet because it’s my alarm. hehehe. I have had my share of Morning Coffee, so now let’s do this..!! 1,529 more words


Shashi Tharoor & Hindu-Pakistan

India will become a Hindu Pakistan if BJP wins next time: Shashi Tharoor was the news report sparking a big brouhaha.  Leading the pack of scornful voices was , Sambit Patra a BJP Spokesperson. 536 more words