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Holyoake's Journey of 1842

George Jacob Holyoake’s Journey of 1842 by Catherine Howe (2012)

Here is an easy to read and interesting book which follows the connection between early nineteenth century socialism and the rejection of orthodox religious morality. 233 more words


The Catholic Teaching On Marriage: Why You Can't Be A Catholic And Support Divorce

Admittedly, the Catholic teaching on marriage or the Sacrament of Matrimony is not as popular as other doctrines of the Catholic Church. Some Catholics view marriage as just a formal ceremony of two people joining hearts, but matrimony is more than just a ceremony. 783 more words


Not to be Read by Unbelievers

We were all gathered together in the church hall, when the minister picked up the microphone, fixed us with his most intimidating gaze, and asked, ‘who reads the Bible on an electronic device?’ 930 more words

Blowing Smoke

Though I ended my “Statement of Maybes” post stating that my next blogpost would be about violence, particularly fictional violence as it relates to key issues of this site I’m putting that one aside for just a bit longer so I can get my words on it organized just right. 1,481 more words


White Baby Lust and Surrogacy Gone Wrong: An Update

In February of 2016, I posted about a woman who was carrying triplets through a surrogacy program.  The man who had hired her to carry his children (conceived with white Ukrainian eggs) expressed alarm both at the expenses involved in a high risk pregnancy and those involved in raising three babies alone at once.  972 more words


What one pastor read last week (2.12 - 2.18.18)

NOTE: Gonna’ try to start keeping an online record of my reading for work. This will: 1) show others the types of things they could be reading, too; 2) will help me keep a searchable record of the topics I read about, and 3) help me start generating article ideas. 736 more words

My Work

O Muslim (or Mushrik!), When you say, "It had rained because of this and that (such as natural causes, that's what Kuffar's school system teaches you)," You become a KAFIR.

“Allah says, ‘In this morning some of My worshipers remained as true believers and some became non-believers; he who said that it had rained with the blessing and mercy of Allah is the one who believes in Me and does not believe in star, but he… 174 more words