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Aici, pe treapta asta

Stau pe casa scării.
Mâini brăzdate de șanțuri
Și cu unghii tăiate din carne
Sprijină balustrada.

Urc până la mansardă
Și acolo,
Cine știe?
Poate urc în continuare, 73 more words

Fragmente De Neant

By a Duck Pond (community)

By a Duck Pond (community)
27 January 2015

Catherine and I had a wonderful time, celebrating our engagement on Sunday afternoon with her and my friends. 156 more words


Sacred Spaces 450– Is Church like a country club?

Sacred Spaces 450– Is Church like a country club?
28 January 2015

On Saturday, Catherine’s church (St Peters) threw us a surprise engagement party.
Her church community had gathered together to celebrate with us. 322 more words


Stamp Collection - Secunda Schools

Meet some of our  enthusiastic learners in  Secunda. They are eager and wanting to learn as much as possible about chess. 14 more words

Mâini reci

N-ai crede că, pentru o secundă,
Universul poate fi căprui-închis,
Așa cum n-ai crede că,
Pentru o secundă, rațiunea ta,
Osificată de atâtea idei fixe, 66 more words

Fragmente De Neant

Park Location

Since taking these photos, Sasol has started doing things to this part of the park, so it’s not currently as pretty as it was then, but once they’re done, it might look even better. 11 more words


From Fr. Eric's Facebook: Today's Saint

TODAY’S SAINTS (July 10) SS RUFINA & SECUNDA. VIRGIN MARTYRS. These two were sisters, engaged to two Christian men in ancient Rome. Then, the Roman Emperor Valerian began a persecution of the Christians and the two fiances abandoned Christ, so the two sisters abandoned their fiances! 90 more words