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The day I appeared in the newspaper

Last week, I had to honour of making an appearance in the local newspaper, The Bulletin here in Secunda.

Funny thing, the lady who cleans our church, told me when she saw my picture, she thought I had died (thankfully not yet) – apparently people appear in the paper when they have passed on… 257 more words


Overtaking Solidarity

On the weekend as I was driving from Secunda to Jo-burg, I noticed how I felt when I let someone over take me (moving slightly to the left) – they would pass, then put their hazard lights on briefly to thank me for; and I in return, would flash them (with my brights) briefly. 61 more words


[Photostory] Arrival of the Troublemaker(s)

C: Ok, you two.Why not introduce yourselves to our readers? 361 more words


Horas and Secunda's Box Openings

Ok, ok. I know it’s another box opening post, but remember I said that I was on layaway for a Volks Eddie and Kakeru? Well, I finished paying for them last January and they’ve arrived! 1,026 more words

Box Opening

"Smoke Signals"

The North American indigenous people use to communicate using smoke signals.  It is one of the oldest forms of long-distance communication.

When we travel back to Secunda.   125 more words


Sunetul Secundei

Pneurile uzate scârțâie sonor pe asfaltul rece în urma unui viraj strâns. Rămân în urma lor două urme negre paralele ce anulează uniformitatea șoselei. Se întorcea de la muncă și schimba succesiv canalele de radio, căutând acel ceva care să îi diminueze durerea de timp. 614 more words


L’Ange Rapier – Chapter 8 Parry and Riposte with High Secunda

A common trait of a bad fencer, especially in the SCA where cuts aren’t allowed, is the high parry. This is where one drives both swords up high such that short of breaking measure there is no viable recourse other than unseemly grappling. 201 more words