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Stealthbit Trojan

SecureMac yesterday announced a Trojan it calls OSX/CoinThief.A. The article reports that it comes disguised as an app called Stealthbit purporting to send and receive payments on Bitcoin Stealth Addresses. 33 more words

David Harley

The (OS)X-Files

Just a little clarification on the two main instances of malware reported by AlienVaults et al, since there seems to be a little confusion. 296 more words

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Current OS X malware

Just a pointer to one of my articles for Infosecurity Magazine – OS X Malware: A Steady Trickle – re Flashback, Imuler, and the CVE-2011-3544… 12 more words

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MacDefender removal

A slightly odd follow-up to the Mac Defender story: I saw, on a specialist Mac list, a link to a site I hadn’t come across before that was clearly not AV-oriented, but seemed to include some sound removal advice. 63 more words

David Harley

If you knows of a better black 'ole*

SecureMac reports finding Blackhole: The Next Generation. To be precise, “a new version of BlackHole RAT trojan horse as labeled by the hacker as 2.0 for Mac OS X” which it has labelled BlackHole RAT 2.0a. 114 more words

David Harley

Analysis of MacScan

Ryan Govostes has put up a scathing analysis of SecureMac’s MacScan: ‘An Analysis of MacScan, “The Premier Anti-Spyware Software for Mac OS X“‘.

I haven’t tested the product, so I can’t comment on his conclusions. 8 more words

David Harley

Review of free Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition

It’s been just less than a week since Sophos caused a stir in the security world by releasing a free anti-virus product for Mac home users. 153 more words