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Looking Through the Data: Where Will the Next Bubble Burst?

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by Kevin Yulianto 

It has been eight years since the last global financial crisis rocked the world, yet today the world’s economy hasn’t fully recovered to what it was before. 3,161 more words




I do not know what the law schools are teaching regarding real property law, but here is an atypical case where one alleged lender used a quiet title action to prove a mortgage loan existed on a piece of property and a Maine Superior Court Judge chimed in … loud and clear … “what the hell were you people thinking?” 865 more words


The 2008 crisis: Was it traditional banks or shadow banks?

Still think the financial crisis happened at banks? Think the extensive regulation of banks that Congress and regulators have undertaken since 2008 has solved the problem? 317 more words

Crisis Of 2007-2008

US Attack on Deutsche Bank 'Attempt to Destabilize Global Financial System'

However, in the end the US would ultimately harm itself. Because if the Deutsche Bank goes down, it will cause a “domino effect”: it will be followed by the Credit Suisse, JP Morgan and the whole of the world financial system, he finally said. 769 more words

Economic Report

California Suspends Dealings with Wells Fargo

The real question is when government agencies and regulators PLUS law enforcement get the real message: Wells Fargo’s behavior in the account scandal is the tip of the iceberg and important corroboration of what most of the country has been saying for years — their business model is based upon fraud.

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Who is the Creditor? NY Appellate Decision Might Provide the Knife to Cut Through the Bogus Claim of Privilege

The crux of this fight is that if the foreclosing parties are forced to identify the creditors they will only have two options, in my opinion: (a) commit perjury or (b) admit that they have no knowledge or access to the identity of the creditor…

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Self Serving Fabrications: Watch for "Attorney in Fact"

In short, the proffer of a document signed not by the grantor or assignor but by a person with limited authority and no knowledge, on behalf of a company claiming to be attorney in fact is an empty self-serving document that provides escape hatches in the event a court actually looks at the document.

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