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Bankers: Quit selling your loans

There are significant risks when banks originate loans that they don’t want to keep on their books. So why do banks persist with securitizing and selling off their loans? 1,066 more words


Sometimes Courts Just Get It Wrong

Sometimes Courts Just Get It Wrong

And sometimes it’s pretty obvious…

¶ 31 The first of these technical terms in RCW 61.24.030(7)(a) is “beneficiary.” There is no dispute in this case that Wells Fargo is the “beneficiary” of the deed of trust securing Trujillo’s delinquent note. 800 more words

Regulating Against Bubbles

In the Great Recession’s morality play, unscrupulous financiers on the inside of the mortgage industry exploited ordinary folk on the outside. Predatory lenders pushed unsuspecting homebuyers into teaser rate mortgages that seemed affordable but were in fact ticking time bombs. 1,119 more words

Securities Regulation

Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer discusses Nonbank Financial Intermediation, Financial Stability, and the Road Forward

It is an honor to speak at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s 20th Financial Markets Conference, and I am grateful to President Lockhart and the organizers for inviting me to do so. 3,237 more words

Securities Regulation





After more than 30 years I recently spent a week in the Philippines, giving a few arranged talks at universities, meeting with NGOs, and old friends who shared their understanding of this fascinating fast growing country of approximately 105 million people living on an archipelago that consists of more than 7,107 islands. 2,171 more words


FDIC Employee Quits and Goes Public With Complaint Against Chase, WAMU, Citi and two law firms

For further information and assistance please call 954-495-9867 or 520-405-1688


See Eric Mains Federal Complaint

see Mains – Table of Contents.petition 2 transfer

On Monday Eric Mains resigned from his employment with the FDIC. 1,399 more words