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How Hidden Cameras Changed Security in the Industry

Hidden cameras all the time look you where you go in public area although you may not observe them they already have one set eye on you and watch your every movement; they also give good cleverness for a proprietor. 314 more words

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Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say

I train truck drivers. Commercial driver training is part of my repertoire, and I warn them about the province of British Columbia, where the highways are surveyed by CCTV cameras. 523 more words


GAIL COLLINS: Take Your Hillary Temperature -- the quiz

New York Times: Hillary Clinton is off and running and thinking about you all the time, everyday American. Right now she’s probably in her van, someplace on the Interstate highway system, wondering how you’re doing. 163 more words


A Reader's Concern about Bicycle Subway Safety and the Handicap

In my last post Cities where Cars are not Needed I gave examples of some cities where cars did not play an essential role in the daily commuter lives of citizens.  626 more words


台灣警方以縮時感應相機 抓鳳梨釋迦水果小偷

水果價錢好 果園也要裝監視器

近年台灣台東縣  鳳梨釋迦廣受東南亞國家喜愛,尤其是中國大陸,一年創下新台幣近50億元的產值,雖然農民搶種,還是供不應求,更可惡的是,還接連發生釋迦被偷情事,損失數百萬元。

不過,以往大概都零星發生,今年包括卑南鄉山里、頂岩灣及鹿野鄉龍田等地都有農民一次被採收好幾千斤,損失比以前高太多, 因此,建議警方在各路口加裝監視器。




台東警分局長雷武君說,在農區裝監視器須考量電力、牽線及後續維護管理,需多方評估。事實上除了硬體採購外 還需有人能夠操作、日常電線維護與後續影片剪輯。 最怕的是現場被小偷斷電,很難處理。

台東警方表示,許多農園不見得有線路,裝設監視器設有困難,不過近期已添購「縮時感應相機」,電池可續航半年以上 ,藏放在釋迦園裡,利嘉、卑南及永樂等3處派出所,因此破獲3起盜採竊案。

縮時感應相機除了免牽線施工之外 偽裝也是能否存活的關鍵 ( 不用拉電的確容易偽裝,且不怕小偷斷電)

夜晚有 紅外線補光燈,就算沒有月光照樣管用, 如圖所示 這種


Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks: Game Info, TV, Lineups

Who’s ready to sweep L.A.? Today the Arizona Diamondbacks go for the sweep in the first Sunday afternoon game of the season after Archie Bradley dominated in his debut in a 6-0 win last night. 52 more words

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Fake Security Cameras Are Affordable Way To Ensure Better Safety To Your Home

Getting a perfect security measure for your home is needed if you wish to enjoy a peaceful life. Today, market is jam packed with different types of security cameras and the related devices so you can buy them to ensure a proper safety of your living place. 175 more words