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Security Flaw In Fisher Price “Smart Toys” Could Have Left Info For Children, Parents Vulnerable

Once upon a time, teddy bears were simple, cute, cuddly friends for youngsters. Today, the seemingly benign toys can talk, hold a conversation, and give away your personal information. 384 more words

It's Time to Uninstall Flash

For years, tech gurus have pushed people to uninstall Flash. We have our reasons. Flash is slower than HTML5 for video and animations, it doesn't work on mobile devices, it's a battery hog, it wastes CPU and memory resources, and finally, it's very insecure. 356 more words


What is STAGEFRIGHT ? - New Stagefright bug lets hackers infect Androids through multimedia files

Earlier in July, A major security flaw in some Android devices would only require the attacker to have your cell phone number, according to security research firm Zimperium. 560 more words


New IOS 9 and 9.0.1 Security Flaw

Please note that a new security flaw has been discovered in IOS 9 and 9.0.1 which can allow an attacker to bypass the passcode of iPhone devices and allow access to contacts as well as pictures. 90 more words


iOS 9 may leave iPhone users vulnerable to passcode bypass flaw

Security researchers are warning iPhone users about a security flaw that may allow someone to bypass the passcode on their device.

The flaw, first reported over the weekend, can reportedly be exploited when a person types part of a code into the iPhone’s unlock screen, but then quickly activates Siri. 198 more words


Apple publishes Top 25 apps affected by XCodeGhost Malware

Earlier this week there was a bit of fuss regarding Apple’s iOS apps and how some of them got infected by malware and still managed to sneak onto the iTunes App Store. 231 more words


"Ghost Push" Android Virus infected almost 1.3 million users.

It was distributed through non-Google app stores and is said to have affected 1.3 million devices globally.

A new type of malware, Ghost Push has been discovered which now said to have infected 1.3 million devices globally including 1,44,199 devices in India. 238 more words