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Facebook Rewards 10-Year-Old $10K For Hacking Instagram

MENLO PARK (CBS SF) — A computer wiz kid from Finland is the youngest techie to win Facebook’s hacking reward.

Facebook rewarded a boy named Jani $10,000 after the Helinski-based youngster identified a security flaw in its photo-sharing application Instagram. 184 more words


Apple Fixes iPhone Flaw That Allowed Siri Twitter Search To Access To Photos, Contacts

No one likes a snoop. That’s why Apple says it has fixed a security flaw in the iOS operating system that allowed the Siri virtual assistant to search Twitter on locked iPhones, leading to the unauthorized access of photos and contacts. 223 more words

Leaked Info For 1.5 Million Verizon Enterprise Customers Posted Online

While all of us regular Verizon customers can give a sigh of relief that our information wasn’t posted online in a recent hack attack, nearly 1.5 million customers of Verizon Enterprise Solutions — the portion of the company that deals with other businesses’ data breaches — weren’t so lucky.  176 more words

Security Flaws Found (And Fixed) in Cruz Campaign App

The smartphone app credited with helping rally grassroots supporters of Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz has been updated after an independent firm found security flaws. 280 more words


Some Walmart Online Pharmacy Customers' Prescription Info Visible To Others For Days

No one wants their personal, private health information plastered on the internet for all to see. While that wasn’t exactly the case for Walmart, the retailer announced this week that a few thousand of its online pharmacy customers had their prescription histories and other basic information visible online for a four-day period last month.  201 more words


Government Asking People To "Hack The Pentagon" To Find Security Flaws

The Pentagon is joining a long list of companies and organizations in opening the door to hackers by asking for the public’s help in testing the cybersecurity infrastructure of some of its websites.  210 more words