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Stagefright Android Vulnerability Leaves 95% of Android Users at Risk

I'm going to say something that might surprise many of my readers: I love Android. I do. I've used a number of Android devices, and I've come to really appreciate the operating system. 622 more words

Lethal Android Texting Vulnerability Could Affect Millions Of Devices

After the iOS text-messaging bug that was triggered by a string of unicode characters, comes another Android texting vulnerability that currently leaves millions of Android devices open to data theft and a lot more. 301 more words


Samsung Fixes SwiftKey Security Flaw

Samsung has announced that, while the likelihood of attack is low, it plans to roll out security updates to its mobile devices.

Updates will be directly pushed to devices users, who must agree to receive them. 35 more words


Massive security flaw may threaten millions of Samsung Galaxy phones


Have a Samsung Galaxy device? Chances are it has a security flaw that lets attackers install malware on it or eavesdrop on your calls, and there’s nothing you can do about it. 454 more words

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500 Million Android Devices and Data at Risk

I always recommend selling your old phone to a company like Gazelle when you upgrade to a new phone, as they'll make sure it finds a new home, or to find a recycling program like Apple's, which collects any mobile phone. 820 more words


Safari Bug Could Make Dangerous Phishing Attacks Easier than Ever

Phishing is a “hacker” tactic as old as the internet. The process is simple, and involves a person, the phisher, setting up a fake website that looks nearly identical to the real thing. 701 more words


iOS Security Flaw Allows Attacker to Crash Apps, Prevent Reboot

A new security flaw has been discovered in iOS that will consistenty make all apps that use the internet crash upon launch, and it can also force apps to be stuck in a boot cycle. 250 more words