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Flaw in WPA2 Wifi Protocol Potentially Allows Attackers to Steal Passwords and Other Sensitive Information

The advice I have is to update your operating system when the related security updates are available, which should either be now or soon enough. People may also want to consider updating their routers. 258 more words

Security Flaw

Do I Really Need Antivirus If I Browse Carefully?

Whenever antivirus software is mentioned, someone always seems to chime up and say they don’t need an antivirus because they’re “careful”, and “common sense is all you need”. 81 more words


Hacker Reveal easy way to Hijack Privileged Windows User Session Without PW

In a recent PoC Exploit released via YouTube, Alexander Korznikov demonstrated a successful hijacking (using Task manager, service creation, as well as command line), along with Proof-of-Concept exploit. 296 more words


WordPress Updates to Silently Fix Security Flaw

WordPress made a recent update to its software (4.7.2) with a fix that was not mentioned in the content of the update, so it could be phased in quietly. 223 more words

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