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Over 90% Of Adaptable Cryptocurrency Apps May Be ‘in Trouble,’ Advisers Say

Hold on to your Bitcoins! With the ascent acceptance of cyberbanking currency, security advisers are aural the anxiety over adaptable apps advised to store, action and barter crypto currencies. 384 more words

Root Security Flaw Allows Anyone To Become Root In Mac OS High Sierra

I can confirm the new root security flaw would affect the Apple’s MacBook Pro 2016 model because I’m using one at the moment.  I can also confirm this same flaw would also work on my older MacBook Pro (Mid 2010 model).  682 more words


Apple Mac OS High Sierra Vulnerability Grants Admin Access Without a Password

The vulnerability gives admin access without a password through repeatedly clicking the login button. This is a serious security flaw not only because of that level of access, but also due to the simplicity of its execution. 338 more words


Researcher Claims Equifax Systems Contained Second Breach-Vulnerable Flaw

Could Equifax have suffered a second data breach following the massive hack exposing the personal information of more than 145.5 million consumers? It’s possible, according to a security researcher who claims to have found a second, separate security vulnerability within the company. 360 more words

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Flaw in WPA2 Wifi Protocol Potentially Allows Attackers to Steal Passwords and Other Sensitive Information

The advice I have is to update your operating system when the related security updates are available, which should either be now or soon enough. People may also want to consider updating their routers. 258 more words


Do I Really Need Antivirus If I Browse Carefully?

Whenever antivirus software is mentioned, someone always seems to chime up and say they don’t need an antivirus because they’re “careful”, and “common sense is all you need”. 81 more words