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The Military Changed My Life

The decision to join the military was one of the most pivotal moments in my life. It was also a no-brainer. I had my heart set out on it since 9th grade. 2,971 more words



You’d think this reporter was describing Trotsky and Stalin:

Saeb Erekat, secretary-general of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and longtime chief negotiator, is an erudite, Western-educated political animal as comfortable in English-language television studios and international symposia as he is glad-handling the constituents he represents in the Palestinian parliament from his hometown of Jericho.

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Corporal Dunham: First Marine to Receive Medal of Honor Since Vietnam – Jumped on a Grenade To Save Fellow Marines

This is from War History OnLine.

R.I.P. Corporal Jason Dunham Hand Salute.

In the decades following the Vietnam War, there would be conflict, battle, and loss of life.  1,058 more words

Rampant Looting And Sexual Violence By Security Forces In Villages In Bijapur, South Chhattisgarh

As the history books told us how the victorious king’s armies plundered after the occupation – Will the state continue to do the same under the garb of naxal operations and road-development work? 1,676 more words


Ukraine security headquarters bombed - Odessa partisans in action

September 30th, 2015 –
By: Alexander Sivov, SVPressa –
Translated for Fort Russ by Paul Siebert –

“A bomb for the SBU – Odessa partisans in action”. 913 more words

Clashes Between Hungarian Polices And Migrants

The Hungarian Security forces have clashed with Migrants. Security Forces have clashed with Migrants at the Hungary-Serbia border as the Hungarians tried to keep Migrants with in Serbia. 206 more words


Egyptian security forces Killed Mexicans Tourists

Egyptian security forces have shoted 12 people visiting from Mexico and Egyptians injured 10 “by accident” on Monday, mistaking a tourist convoy for militants they were chasing in the country’s western desert, the ministry of interior said. 6 more words