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List Security group members with a autocomplete form




get-adgroup -filter 'GroupCategory -eq "Security"'  | sort name | select Name|Export-Csv -Path $env:temp\ADGroup.txt -NoTypeInformation

(Get-Content $env:temp\ADGroup.txt) -replace  354 more words

Computers And Internet

AWS - Create a Security Group

Security Group, is a virtual firewall that controls the network traffic for one or more EC2 instances. Also, it allows the specific CIDR range or ports to allow the inbound traffic to the EC2 instance. 104 more words

Allow Domain User To Update Manager Field in Active Directory

In this article we’ll go through the steps to allow a domain user that is a member of a security group, to update the manager field in Active Directory. 210 more words

Active Directory

Allow Domain User To Add Computer to Domain

In this guide we’ll go through the steps to allow a domain user, to add a computer to the domain. This can be nice in scenarios where some of the preparation for a PC is done by office staff, or if there are branch offices that need to re-join after resetting a PC and so-on. 372 more words

Active Directory

AWS VPC Network Security

One of my earlier post on AWS Virtual Private Cloud described  the basics of VPC including some of the security features it offers to control which packets move in and out of the VPC. 563 more words

Cloud Computing

Security Group for EC2

Now let’s manage the security group for the Amazon Linux EC2 Instance

Notice all traffic is allowed with sg-e70fdxxxx this is the security group of the RDS server. 142 more words