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Security Guides on VMware.com Have A New Home

VMware has just announced that all their security hardening guides now have a new home. A single page that customers and partners can visit for all the latest hardening guides for vSphere and other VMware products. 56 more words


An Unbroken Chain of Trust is of Paramount Importance

There has been a lot of coverage over the past week about Anonymous’ Hardcore Charlie releasing some old 2003/2004 code of the VMware ESX Hypervisor on the Internet. 893 more words


Logon Banners

  • On Linux systems, put pre-login banner text in the files /etc/banner, /etc/issue, and /etc/issue.net; and the after-login banner in /etc/motd.
  • For OpenSSH servers (e.g. on Linux systems), activate the banner use (by SSH/SFTP/SCP) by including following (uncommented) line in /etc/ssh/sshd_config: …
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vSphere Security Hardening Policy and SRM 5

VMware is in the process of working on the vSphere 5 edition of the Security Hardening Guide and will shortly make a public draft available for comment (I’ll let you know when it’s available). 581 more words


Verify Security Hardening of vSphere 5

At the moment there is no security hardening guide for vSphere 5, and the vSphere Compliance Checker is also not compatible with vSphere 5. Both will eventually be updated, but until then what can you do to ensure that your hardening configuration has been applied correctly? 204 more words


Auditing Unix Security


  • “UNIX/Linux local audit tool” by Se├ín Boran (author of “IT Security Cookbook” – …
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Passwords related postings

Generating password hashes

  • Generating unix-style MD5 hash: openssl passwd -1 -salt QIGCa pippo
    • produces: $1$QIGCa$/ruJs8AvmrknzKTzM2TYE.
  • generating password hash using system’s native crypt() command: perl -e ‘print crypt(“pippo”, “\$1\$QIGCa”),”\n”‘ …
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