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He never smiled at me,

but once.

I never cried over him,

but once.

He never called me,

but once.

I never missed him, 330 more words


How to Remove Superfish Adware From Your Lenovo Computer | Electronic Frontier Foundation


/ And I was actually considering buying a Thinkpad from Lenovo, as my x40 is getting quite old now, and has recently lost completely it’s battery capacity. 17 more words

Security Issues

Web-sites with insecure password policy

Here are some examples of web-sites which send your passwords on demand in clear text back to your inbox. This practice, AFAIK, is very insecure and proves your passwords are stored in clear text as well. 182 more words

Security Issues

No audio on Windows 7. Error 1722: The RPC Server Is Unavailable.

I’ve had the error 1722 since I made some “optimization” to Windows Services, turning off some “unneeded” (as I thought) services. And I did that optimization incorrectly, not turning one services in a step (so I don’t know exactly what has lead to the problem with audio). 101 more words

Security Issues

Securing Content in Google play In-app Billing

Hello Developers i am sure you all have worked on Google play In-app Billing(if not don’t worry you will be doing it in future). In-app billing is responsible for making purchase through your app. 349 more words