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Upgrading VMware Horizon View to Version 6.x – Lists and Fixes

Upgrading a VMware Horizon View environment from 5.3 to 6.01 is straight forward. I created the checklist (at the end of this entry) that is just a subset of the one VMware provides, it’s just shorter and more concise. 490 more words


Load balancing Horizon View security servers

This question comes quite often in the forums, and since VMware’s documentation lacks in my opinion, i decided to give a brief explanation on how to do it. 339 more words

Reset password for Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security

Steps for resetting the password for Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security:

1. For WFBS 8.0, 7.0 and 6.0 Service Pack 3, you can do any of these options: 126 more words


Re-installing or Upgrading a DMZ Security Server in a Horizon View 5.3 Environment

This is a straight forward process that is documented in several places, but there’s more than one way and a couple hurdles. The official word when reinstalling or upgrading a functioning Security Server in View 5.3 is to start in the View Administrator web GUI. 177 more words


Setting Up VMware View with an F5 Load Balancer: The Reality Is...

One of my friends loves to tell me how things really are, in his opinion, by preempting the soon-to-be-delivered evidence with the phrase, “The reality is…”. 870 more words



An issue exists whereas VMware View users are presented a black screen at logon only when connecting remotely through a Security Server. After weeks of testing, packet capture and analysis, we found the following process resolved the issue. 184 more words


Configure View Security Server Time

The VMware View Security Server must remain within one minute time sync with its paired Connection Server to insure proper operations.

Since the Security Server resides within a DMZ, you’ll need to manually configure time settings. 156 more words